Minutes 13th August 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council
On Monday 13th August 2018
At Gorsley Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Cllr P Crumpton (Chairman); Cllr B Clark; Cllr A Ferraby; Cllr N Jones; Cllr S Morley; Cllr A Reeves (Vice Chairman);

In attendance: Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm. 5 members of public.

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr M Gough; Cllr J Gough; Cllr L Watkins;

2. Co-options: None.

3. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: None

4. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 9th July 2018 it was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of the meeting as a true and accurate record.

5. Clerk’s Report – The Clerk’s report for the month was presented and noted. Discussion arose regarding dog noise nuisance and new Church lighting scheme (see 15 Public Submissions).

6. Planning

a. Applications received

i. 182339 – Tuffets, The Line, Linton – Proposed formation of vehicular access and provision of 2no. car parking spaces. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection and no comment.
ii. 182337 Tan House Farm, Upton Bishop – Proposed erection of an agricultural building. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection and no comment.
iii. 182374 – Hill Top, Upton Bishop – Proposed extension to garage and extension to side of bungalow. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED by majority (1 abstention) to return no objection and no comment.
iv. 182594 Barland, Sargeants Lane, Kilcot – proposed conversion of existing detached garage to use as additional living space for main house. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED by majority (1 abstention) to return no objection and no comment.

b. Applications decided since last meeting – None. It was noted that there appeared to be an increase in heavy vehicles using Quarry Lane and agreed to monitor this in relation to recent withdrawn application.

c. Derelict house in Quarry Lane – Clerk reported that Planning Enforcement were investigating.

7. Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Reeves reported on progress.

8. Post Office & Shop – the Clerk reported that the opening day is now set for 1st September 2018. Possibility of placing a Parish Council noticeboard in the location was noted.

9. Allotments – Cllr Crumpton reported that an informal meeting had taken place with 5 allotment holders before this PC meeting. Action arising from this was

a. Daphne Head to be spokesperson for the allotments at PC meetings.
b. Those considered by the PC to be in breach of contract, for example though not exclusively, for failing to maintain their plot(s) can be required forfeit their plot(s).
c. Notice of intention give up a plot to by made by 31st December to allow time for new members to be sought for April start.
d. New contracts to be drawn up with all amendments incorporated.
e. Seek to establish a maintenance contract for perimeter, fencing, etc on annual or 3 year deal.

10. Finance

a. Report on receipts & payments and progress against budget was received and a copy is attached to these minutes.
b. It was RESOLVED to approve payments: Chris Hyett, Allotments grounds maintain, £325.00; Wayne Reed, Lengthsmans monthly, £284.00; Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerk salary & expenses, £267.96; SLCC Enterprises Ltd, Book: Law of Allotments, £29.60; Elizabeth Malcolm, ICO annual fee, £40.00; SLCC, Cilca Registration fee, £250.00

11. Locality Steward and highways matters: weekly reports of activity in the Penyard Ward were noted. It was agreed that Two Rivers Housing be contacted to replace the Ivy Lane sign in correct position. Considered seeking Ward Councillor’s support in seeking improved service from Balfour Beatty.

12. Lengthsman

a. Lengthsman’s report was considered and it was agreed to seek assurance that all work stated had been undertaken as there was some doubt on Talbots Well and Gorsley Common.
b. Contract with Herefordshire Council – to be considered again at next meeting.
c. Task list in HCC contract not felt detailed enough – specific tasks for Parish to be drawn up by Clerk and Cllr Jones.

13. Footpaths – Clerk asked to re-circulate the footpaths list. Cllr Crumpton noted the need for full report at September.

14. Public Submissions 

  • Dog noise nuisance in Quarry Lane was discussed and it was agreed that parishioners should draw up a detailed report and schedule of events. It was noted this is not a Police matter. HALC to be contacted for advice on steps available. Discussion of need for a Licence to own a large number of dogs.
  • Plans for new lighting on exterior of Linton Church were presented. It was agreed to monitor progress of this matter.

15. Chairman & Councillors’ submissions – The meeting endorsed Cllr Clark in seeking election as a member of HALC Southern Area Members (SAM).

16. Date of next meeting – the Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday 10th September at Linton Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting ended at 21:00