Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
On Monday 14th October 2019
At Gorsley Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Cllr C Crumpton; Cllr A Reeves; Cllr B Clark; Cllr J Gough; Cllr G Owen; Cllr L Watkins; Cllr A Newton; Cllr J Rudman.
In attendance: Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm. 9 members of public.
1. Apologies for absence – None
2. Declarations of interest: Cllr Reeves declared an interest in item 11.a.ii as a friend of the applicant.
3. Co-option of Councillors: It was RESOVED unanimously to co-opt Mrs Jennie Rudman and Mr Adrian Newton to the Council.
4. Minutes of the Parish Council it was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of the meeting of 9th September 2019 and the Extraordinary meeting of 23rd September as a true and accurate record.
5. Clerk’s Report – Noted
6. Public Submissions

a. Ward Councillor – Cllr Walding presented some information on Climate Emergency and asked the Parish Council to consider adoption of this policy.
Item 7 was discussed at this point.
b. Public
• Signage on Frowens Lane with Gorsley Village name and ’20 is plenty’ added, was brought to the attention of the Council and it was agreed that this unauthorised signage should be removed.
• The Clerk was asked to circulate the notes of Roads action meeting earlier in year and it was suggested that a Road Speed Group be formed by Parishioners. To be discussed at next meeting.
• The very poor condition of the Manse Lane and Darnells Lane was raised.
• No Through Road sign on Darnells Lane is broken.

7. Climate Emergency – discussion of what the policy wording should be. Proposed to look at neighbouring Parishes documents if available. It was RESOLVED to defer the matter to the next meeting.
8. Lengthsman

a. Grass Maintenance – no issues reported.
b. Roads Maintenance – see item 10.b

9. Footpaths

a. It was RESOLVED to accept Cllr and Mrs Newton’s kind offer to become PFO for Linton village.
b. Cllr Gough reported for Gorsley and identified obstruction to LTR 17 caused by a shed. Extreme mud makes progress difficult on LTR 18 in apple orchard.
c. It was noted that Cllr Newton and the Clerk would be attending BBL briefing and Weston-under-Penyard hosted meeting of local PFOs all on 23rd October.

10. Locality Steward & Highways matters

a. Weekly reports were circulated and noted.
b. A report from the Lengthsman was circulated in relation to Fordings Lane. It was agreed to seek to find the owners of the ditches and ask them to employ Mr Griffiths to rectify. At Woodend Lane it was agreed to ask BBL if they agreed to the provision of extending the ditch to take current water running down the lane.
c. Other issues – None reported
d. Road safety actions – the Clerk reported exchange with BBL on budget for review work.

11. Planning
a. New applications

i. 193207 Land between Eastview and Whitehouse Cottages, Bromsash – proposed 2 semi-detached and 4 detached dwellings. It was noted that this was an amendment to the earlier application no174757. Following discussion, it was RESOVED by majority (6 in favour 2 abstain) to return no objection and no comments.
Cllr Reeves left the room.
ii. 193314 land at Hillside Cottage, Linton – proposed dwelling of 3 bedrooms & a workshop. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to object to this application.
Appendix 1 to these minutes (page 911)
Cllr Reeves returned to the room.

b. Applications decided

i. 184574 Long Barn House, Linton – erection of 2 detached dwellings. It was noted that this application had been approved at the Planning & Regulatory Committee held on Wednesday 18th September 2019.

c. Orchard trees on land opposite Gorsley Bungalows – it was noted that the Parish Council had received some requests to insist that the orchard trees removed should be reinstated. The Council had written to the Planning Department very shortly after their removal to express concern. Councillors could not identify grounds on which they could insist on reinstatement.
12. Allotments – The Clerk reported one expression of interest from outside the Parish and noted that current leasees would shortly be asked it they wished to continue in 2020.
Ward Cllr Wilding left the meeting.
13. Financial 

a. Current Receipts and Payments together with Budget progress report – were noted
b. It was RESOLVED to pay DJN Planning Limited, NDP Consultant’s work, £1,618.45; AGP Garden Services, Lengthsman Grass work Sept, £137.50; Welsh Water, Allotments water rates, £142.84; Elizabeth Malcolm,Clerk salary & expenses, £341.57; Gorsley Village Hall, NDP meetings & open evening, £148.00.
c. 2019 Financial Standing Orders – It was RESOLVED unanimously to adopt the proposed Financial Standing Orders.

14. Neighbourhood Development Plan.

a. Cllr Reeves & Cllr Watkins reported delays to the SEA and HRA but they continued to plan for a Regulation 14 consultation commencing in November.
b. It was RESOLVED unanimously that the draft Bromsash, Gorsley and Linton (Linton(s) Parish) Neighbourhood Development Plan 2o1-31 be approved for the purposes of pre-submission consultation and publicity in accordance with the relevant regulations.

15. Councillor’s submissions –
• A Councillor reported that residents are concerned that the gabion baskets being used to support structures on The Tuffets development are in adequate and that a structural engineer is needed.
16. Date of next meeting – Parish Council meeting on Monday 11th November 2019 at Linton Village Hall.
There being no further business the meeting ended at 21:35

Application 193314 Land at Hillside Cottage, Linton. Proposed dwelling of 3 bedrooms and a workshop.
The Parish Council Objects to this application on the following grounds
1. Impact on the character of the area. (In conflict with point 1 of CS Policy RA2)
The plans show that the building will sit high beside the road on the top Linton Ridge road (Sparrow Lane to Quarry Road), both increasing the built environment in a rural area, forming a tunnel of buildings along the once open space.
The design of the building is not in keeping with the location. It has been likened to Oast house form though there none of these in the vicinity and certainly not on the side of a steep hill.
2. This is not efficient use of land requiring extensive land engineering. (Conflict with SD1 Sustainable design)
The land is very steep and will require a great deal of land engineering to ensure a secure base on which to settle residential buildings. It is therefore not a sustainable site requiring disproportionate earth works to benefit the single residence.
3. These houses are not needed and do not address local housing needs. (In conflict with CS Policy RA2, supporting paras 4.8.18 and 4.8.19)
Housing approved in the Parish since 2011 now numbers in excess of 88 residences, with the minimum requirement over a period twice as long being 61 residences. This Parish has met and far exceeded the Core Strategy requirements.
4. Drainage and water run – off issues (CS Policy SD3 point 5)
Residents on the hill have reported unpleasant smells accumulating at the lower levels of the hillside in warm weather. This results from cumulative effect of the constant feed of soakaways from an increasing number of dwellings into the ground.
Water running down to The Line accumulates as ice in winter months as little sunlight reaches this lane. This destroys the road surface and makes driving treacherous.