Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
On Monday 9th Deember 2019
At Gorsley Village Hall at 19:30


Present: Cllr C Crumpton (Chairman) Cllr B Clark; Cllr G Owen; Cllr A Newton; Cllr J Rudman.
In attendance: 7 members of public; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm.
1. Apologies for absence Cllr J Gough; Cllr A Reeves; Cllr L Watkins.
2. Declarations of interest: None
3. Co-option of Councillors: None
4. Minutes of the Parish Council it was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of the meeting of 11th November 2019 as a true and accurate record, together with the financial reports and draft budget.
5. Clerk’s Report – Noted
6. Public Submissions
a. Ward Councillor Not present.
b. Public – ditch and culvert at bottom of Cothars Lane is blocked. Lengthsman to be asked to investigate.
7. Locality Steward & Highways matters
a. Weekly reports – noted.
b. Fordings Lane drainage – Councillors to talk to landowner regarding ditch.
c. Woodend Lane – it was noted that there is an issue of general heavy traffic damaging the road and further damage caused by water run-off from changed channels following earth excavations on Linton Ridge. Clerk to write to Planning department and Balfour Beatty roads team.
d. Other issues – It was felt that there are insufficient salt bins on Quarry Lane. Storm drains are too high and prevent water draining off – Locality Steward to be asked to investigate. New salt bins on Darnells Lane need salt – Lengthsman to be asked to attend.
8. Road safety working group. Cllr Owen provided a report on meeting with Ward Cllr Wilding and Balfour Beatty. It was felt that the first project should be obtaining a 20mph limit around the School on B4221 and this may involve Parish Gates and other street furniture. There was some discussion of financing such work through donations from local organisations and the perhaps the school.
Clerk to prepare BBL forms asap.
9. Lengthsman
a. Grass Maintenance – No work undertaken in November.
b. Roads Maintenance – Next maintenance day due in December around Gorsley.
10. Footpaths
a. Update from PFO. Cllr Newton reported a number of issues that had been reported online to Herefordshire Council. It was noted that the felled trees by motorway on LTR8 continue to block the path and it was agreed to talk to landowner. A footpath on Linton ridge LTR38 has been closed by HCC as unsafe following excavations for new house.
b. Unrecorded Rights of Way – Mr Baker presented his work on registering certain unrecorded routes to ensure they are mapped. It was RESOLVED to thank Mr Baker for his work on behalf of the Parish, support the applications and expenditure up to £50 for minor direct expenses.
11. Climate Emergency Working Group – Cllr Newton presented a terms of reference for the working group and it was RESOLVED to approve this. It was further RESOLVED that a report from the Working Group be a standing item on agenda. It was agreed to assist with promoting recruitment of Parishioners to the group via website, emails and noticeboards.
12. Planning
i) New applications
a. 193827 – Land adjoining Woodend Lane, Gorsley – Reserved matters following outline approval 160992/O for 5 dwellings, access and associated works. The Council believed that plans for drainage arrangements had not been adequately submitted and that the scale and size of vehicle movements on Woodend Lane would further damage this road. All Councillors abstained from supporting or objecting to the application.
b. 193975 – West Ridge, Gorsley -Proposed residential dwelling, with demolition of existing garage and proposed replacement garage for West Ridge Following discussion it was RESOLVED to support this application (4 in favour, 1 abstention).
c. 193892 – Rock Farm, Lea – Proposed erection of 3.85 hectares of poly-tunnels with associated landscape and drainage works. Following discussion it was RESOLVED to report no objection (1 in favour 4 abstention).
13. Allotments – The Clerk reported that messages had been sent to all leases to seek confirmation of their intentions for 2020. To be sent again as it seems not all were delivered successfully.
14. Financial Matters
a. Current Receipts and Payments together with Budget progress report – were noted
b. It was RESOLVED to pay A V Taylor, Allotments hedge cutting – £96.00; Chris Hyett, Final inst Allotment maint – £400.00; Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerk salary (£275 + £47.67 NDP) & expenses (£27.30) – £349.97
c. Precept for 2020/21 following discussion it was RESOLVED unanimously to set a precept of £12,000 for the year.
15. Neighbourhood Development Plan. – The Clerk reported that comments were being received and logged during the Regulation 14 Consultation which ends on 6th January 2020.
16. Councillor’s submissions – The Chairman expressed thanks on behalf of the Parish Council to Sue Marshall for setting up arrangements with Probation team to clear the Quarry.
17. Meetings in 2020
a. Date of next meeting – Parish Council meeting on Monday 13th January 2020 at Linton Village Hall
b. A schedule of proposed meeting dates for 2020 was circulated and it was agreed to hold the April Parish Council meeting 1 week early on 6th April to accommodate Easter and the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 27th April at Linton Village Hall.
There being no further business the meeting ended at 21:32