Draft Minutes

D R A F T Minutes of the Meeting of the Council
On Monday 11th June 2018
At Gorsley Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Cllr P Crumpton (Chairman); Cllr M Gough; Cllr J Gough; Cllr N Jones; Cllr A Reeves (Vice Chairman); Cllr L Watkins;

In attendance: Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm. 9 members of public.
1. Apologies for absence: Cllr B Clark; Cllr A Ferraby; Cllr S Morley
2. Co-options: None.
3. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: None
4. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 14th May 2018 it was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of the meeting as a true and accurate record.
5. Clerk’s Report – The Clerk’s report for the month was presented.

6. Locality Steward and highways matters: weekly reports of activity in the Penyard Ward were noted and further matters raised.
7. Lengthsman

a. Lengthsman’s report was considered. It was noted that gulley cleaning at Dudley Fencing had been undertaken, though agreed at an earlier meeting to stop this. Lengthsman to be reminded. Noted that it is thought the blockage in this area stems from landowners’ ditches further up, this to be investigated and discussed with landowners if necessary.
b. Talbots Well maintenance – It was agreed that the work done on Hazel coppice was sufficient. Further agreed that the Lengthsman is to be instructed to include the whole area of Talbots Well Common in his routine maintenance. Clerk to contact landowner regarding garden rubbish accumulated on the Common.
c. Contract with Herefordshire Council – it was determined not to sign the agreement until certain sections have been clarified. Clerk to contact Balfour Beatty.

8. Footpaths

a. Footpath Officer report – Cllr Adam Ferraby formally advised of his resignation from this role by email. It was noted that Enviroability had invoiced for work carried out in April and this was approved.
b. Parish Pound – it was agreed that work in this area would be part of the Lengthsmans role to be undertaken on an ad hoc basis.
c. Footpaths Officers for each village -it was agreed to appoint Cllr M Gough for Gorsley area, Cllr A Reeves for Linton area and Cllr P Crumpton for Bromsash area. Clerk to provide a schedule of footpaths in Parish for PFO to complete on biannual checks and report repair needs.

9. Risk Assessment and Asset Register for 2017/18 – Schedules were reviewed and agreed and signed by the Chairman.

10. Annual Audit of 2017/18

a. Internal Auditor’s findings – the draft report was circulated. It was noted that the Code of Conduct had now been published on the Parish website, and that page 6 of the Annual Return had been mislaid by auditor. Bank balance will be stated in minutes. A revised final report to be supplied.
b. Annual Governance Statement 2017/18 – was agreed and signed.
c. Annual Accounting Statement 2017/18 – was agreed and signed.

11. Financial Matters

a. Receipts & Payments and progress against budget – R&P submitted and Clerk to provide updated and corrected issue. No report on budget received.
b. Payments approved: Eyelid Productions, Set up and training on website – £500.00; Wayne Reed, Lengthsman monthly – £284.00; Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerk’s salary & Expenses – £322.89 (Salary £259.08, 4hrs NDP £ 44.91, Mileage £18.90). Ecotech/ Rory Wakeman, Tree care – Talbots Well was incorrectly stated without VAT and revised total £324.00 was approved. Enviroability invoice for work under 8.a for £302.50 was approved.

12. Planning

a. Applications received

i. 181602 Land to the east of The Old Post Office, Gorsley. Proposed erection of two dwellings together with associated works on existing development plot.
Following discussion, the Parish Council RESOLVED unanimously to OBJECT to this application with the following comments:
• The new application now proposes two separate entrances from Burrups Lane. This is dangerous as there is limited visibility and the lane quickly narrows.
• Burrups Lane has suffered from flooding arising from poor drainage and receives a great deal of water run-off from the main B4221. Additional entrances and damage to drainage structures will exacerbate the problem.
• The Parish Council noted that the new entrance has been made in advance of application or approval. A section of hedge has been removed.
• The housing needs analysis for Herefordshire has noted a need for more, smaller 1 and 2-bedroom homes and the Parish Council believe that this application for a further 4 bedroom home is inappropriate and unsustainable.
i. 181653 Dobra Hus, Gorsley. Proposed Wintergarden garage conversion, new link and new garage.
Following discussion, the Council RESOLVED to OBJECT to this application (5 abstentions and 1 objection)
The Parish Council found this application proposes a large property with an industrial style that does not sit well in the local landscape and surrounding buildings.
i. 181686 Land adjacent Ivylea House, Bromsash. Variation of condition 1 of Planning Permission P174532. To allow amendments to design of plot 1.
Following discussion, the Parish Council resolved unanimously to OBJECT to this application with the following comment:
There have been a succession of amendments and variations to this application and in particular to plot 1. The footprint of this plot is now disproportionately large when compared to the location, surrounding original properties and to the properties within the same development. It is not sustainable within this ancient settlement.
i. 181908 Land at Lovers Walk, Gorsley. Outline planning application for 9 proposed dwellings with all matters reserved except access and layout.
Following discussion the Council RESOLVED unanimously the OBJECT to this application, with comments as set out in attachment to these minutes.  (PDF copy HERE) 

b. Applications decided

i. 181093 land adjacent to Oakland, Gorsley Common – proposed 4 new dwellings. Approved. Noted.

13. Allotments – The Clerk informed the meeting as follows

• New holders of Plot 8 have advised they are no longer able to maintain the plot. Clerk to advertised in Chimes, with other plot holders and any waiting list.
• Plots 10 & 17 and plots 19 & 24 are not well tended with many weeds likely to spread to adjoining plots – clerk to contact holders.
• Quotation received from Chris Hyett to strim/mow and hand weed around perimeters of east side and north side where it adjoins quarry at £325. Clerk to seek further quotations and seek approval of Councillors via email.

14. Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Watkins provided an update which is published on the Parish website.

15. Post Office & Shop – the Clerk presented an update from the Steering Committee which is published on the Community Shop website.

16. Correspondence – None

17. Public Submissions

a. A request was made to reinstate the ‘no heavy goods vehicles’ sign on Quarry Lane.
b. A request was made to cut the long grass at junction of Quarry Land and B4221
c. Parishioner asked that no weed spray be used on Quarry car park
d. Parishioner asked if work could be done to the Quarry to reveal rock face, mend information board and tidy ground area.

18. Chairman & Councillors’ submissions – None

19. Date of next meeting – the Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday 9th July at Linton Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting ended at 21:50