Linton Parish Council Standing Orders

These Standing Orders consist of two main major sections. Part I is intended to be a guide for those presiding at meetings of Local Councils and a source to which to refer when there is a procedural difficulty during a meeting. It should assist the chairmen to make decisions on procedural points through its explanations of matters connected with procedures.

Standing Orders Part One 2014

Part II provides a complete model set of standing orders. These regulate all likely procedural points and are based on long-established models, modified in the light of the of the Association’s advisers in dealing with member councils’ problems. Even if the standing orders have not been adopted a chairman can use them as a basis for his rulings on when he has to decide a dispute.

Standing Orders Part 2 2014


Model Financial Policies were approved at the Parish Council meeting of 14th October 2019.

Final Financial Policy Doc 19