Council Business

Parish Councillors are hereby summoned to attend a

 Monday 13th January 2020 at 7.30 pm in LintonVillage Hall
Parishioners and other interested parties are welcome to attend


Agenda PDF

1) To receive apologies for absence.
2) To record Declarations of Interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items
3) To co-opt members to fill current vacancies.
4) To approve the Minutes & Financial Reports of the Ordinary meeting on 9th December 2019.
5) To receive a report from the Clerk on actions requested in the minutes not covered elsewhere in the agenda – FOR INFORMATION ONLY
6) Public submissions
a) To receive an update from Ward Councillor.
b) To receive views of local residents on Parish matters
7) Locality Steward and highways matters
a) To consider weekly reports received
b) To consider verges for annual cut only.
c) To receive other issues to address
8) Road Safety Working Group – to receive an update from the working group.
9) Lengthsman
a) To receive an update on grass lengthsman from the Clerk.
b) To review roads lengthsman reports and actions
10) Footpaths – To receive an update from PFO & volunteers.
11) Climate Emergency Working Group – to receive an update on activities.
12) Planning
a) To consider commenting on applications to be decided by HCC
i) 194195 – Fairfields, Bromsash – Proposed new access and change of use of agricultural land to residential.
ii) 194320 – Hillview, The Manse Lane, Gorsley – Proposed residential development of three new dwellings
iii) 194041 – Malvern View, The Line, Linton – Proposed two storey extension
iv) 194337 – Land Adj to The Brambles, Bromsash – Erection of a pair of semi detached cottages, garages & shared vehicular access
b) To note notification of Appeal 191155 Barn at Darnells Farm, Linton.
c) To consider response from Planning Officer regarding S106 in Gorsley.
d) To consider 181093 4 dwellings at Oaklands Gorsley – entrance visibility splay.
13) Allotments – To receive an update from the Clerk.
14) Centennial Yew Tree – to consider a site for WI Centennial tree.
15) Linton Village Hall – to consider the Management Committee’s application to Marches Renewable Energy Scheme.
16) Neighbourhood Development Plan – To receive a report from the Steering Committee
17) Financial Matters:
a) To note current Receipts & Payments and budget progress.
b) To approve payments: Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerk salary (£275 + £47.67 NDP) & expenses
18) To receive decision notices on Code of Conduct complaints and note the further guidance received on dispensations.
19) Chairman’s & Councillors’ –Submissions & announcements & items for next agenda.
20) To confirm the date of next meeting scheduled for Monday 10th February 2020 in Gorlsey Village Hall

Elizabeth Malcolm
7th January 2020