Council Business

Parish Councillors are hereby summoned to attend a

Monday 10th September 2018 at 7.30 pm in LINTON Village Hall

Parishioners and other interested parties are welcome to attend


1) To receive apologies for absence
2) To record Declarations of Interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items
3) To co-opt members to fill current vacancies.
4) To approve the Minutes of Parish Council meeting held on 13th August 2018.
5) To receive a report from the Clerk on actions requested in the minutes not covered elsewhere in the agenda – FOR INFORMATION ONLY
6) Planning

a) To consider commenting on applications received:

i) 182836 – Land to the east of the old post office, Gorsley. Proposed erection of a self build/custom build family dwelling together with associated works (alternative design on existing development plot)
ii) 182374 Re-consultation – Hill Top, Upton Bishop. Proposed extension to garage and extension to side of bungalow.
iii) 182779 – Woodgate House, Upton Bishop. Proposed installation of an outdoor riding arena

b) To note any applications decided since last meeting.

c) To receive update on Planning Enforcement visit to derelict house in Quarry Lane.

7) Dog Noise nuisance issue – to discuss Parishioner’s letter outlining the problem and consider actions.

8) Neighbourhood Development Plan

a) To receive a report from the Steering Committee
b) To seek feedback from Councillors on proposed questionnaire

9) Post Office & Shop: To receive update on progress
10) Allotments – To receive an update from Clerk & on actions from last month.

11) Financial Matters:

a) To note current Receipts & Payments and progress against budget.
b) To approve payments: NALC, audit fee £150.00; Wayne Reed, Lengthsmans monthly, £284.00; Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerk salary & expenses,£322.89.

12) Locality Steward and highways matters –

a) To consider weekly reports received and consider other issues to address.
b) to consider a response to general scrutiny committee consideration of highways maintenance – pothole repairs and other public realm services

13) Lengthsman

i) To receive a report from Cllr Jones & Clerk on meeting with Lengthsman and consider task schedule.
ii) To receive Lengthsman’s report and agree any additional works required.
iii) To receive amended Contract with Herefordshire Council for signature

14) Footpaths – to receive report from footpaths officers and to consider any work necessary.
15) Public submissions – To receive Public comments & submissions

16) Chairman’s & Councillors

a) Submissions & announcements
b) Consideration of Leader of Council’s invitation to attend Summit on 17th October ’18 at 6.30pm

17) To confirm the date of next meeting scheduled for Monday 8th October in Gorsley Village Hall

Elizabeth Malcolm,

Clerk to the Council

4th September 2018