Annual Parish Meeting 21st May 2018 Gorsley Village Hall

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place at 7:30pm on Monday 21st May 2018 at Gorsley Village Hall. 

Parishioners and other interested parties are warmly invited to attend

This is NOT a Parish Council meeting, it is YOUR meeting which by law is required to be held annually.  The Chairman and Clerk preside.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to air your views and hear what others in the community are up to.

We are pleased to let you know that Ward Councillor Harry Bramer has confirmed his intention to attend this meeting a provide a report on events from the County Council.

Others taking part are Community Shop & Post Office Steering Group, Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group, Linton History Society and we look forward to receiving word from more organisations and group in the three villages of Bromsash, Gorsley and Linton.


The Great British Spring Clean” 2nd – 4th March 2018

We’re hoping that as many Parish Councils, schools and community groups as possible will take part again this year as it supports our local Stop the Drop Litter Campaign.
You can register to take part by following this link to the Great British Spring Clean webpage:-

Don’t forget you can borrow litter packs from Balfour Beatty for litter picks and they will collect the bags of litter from you afterwards all FREE of charge.
Contact Balfour Beatty on 01432 261800 to order packs that are available in adult or child sizes.
Each pack contains 5 litter pickers, 5 pairs of gloves, 5 high visibility vests, 2 hoops to hold the bags open and several strong labelled black bags.
Please remember that the packs will be in demand for the Great British Spring Clean so make sure you order them in plenty of time.

If possible please add your litter pick to our Stop the Drop webpage

By following the link to the Organise a litter pick page at
It’ll help to encourage others to organise litter picks and/or take part in litter picks.


From the 1st December 2017 a mobile Post Office service will be calling to our villages as follows:

Wednesday 14:30 – 15:30 at Car Park, GORSLEY Baptist Church, Gorsley, HR9 7SE
Friday 13:00 – 1400 at road adjacent to St Marys Church, LINTON HR9 7RY
Friday 14:15 – 15:15 at Car Park GORSLEY Baptist Church, Gorsley, HR9 7SE.

Refrshments are being offered to visitors to the mobile Post Office in Gorsley on Wednesdays from the Lighthouse. Whilst visiting you can find out more about the progress and plans for a new Community Shop and Post Office.


Now recuriting for a PART TIME MANAGER See the Gorsley Community Shop website for more details

Pledges from VOLUNTEERS IN THE SHOP are now needed – so let them know how you want to help. Check out the details on the website

This Communit Interest project is now FUNDRAISIING to secure start up costs. To make your donation or pledge read the Newsletter or look further on the Community Shop website link below.

There is lots to be done and the Steering Group are gratefull to hear of anyone who is willing to offer support to this project either in voluntary hours or investment towards the set up. Check out further information at the website:

Linton Women’s Institute Report to Linton Annual Parish Meeting 2016

Linton WI continues to remain very active with a membership at present of 23, with a serving Committee of 9.

During the past 12 months our programme of activities and speakers has included many interesting subjects, amongst which were:

In April, Dr. Louise Manning came to talk to us about The History of the Mormans, giving us all a much better insight into this religion, then in complete contrast in June Major Mike Atkinson told us all about his life as a Bomb Disposal expert.

In the Autumn we had talks from Nicholas Clark, who gave a most amusing account, with the help of his collection of slides, on his travels in Namibia, and in October Peter Rowland told us of the work undertaken by the Macmillan Cancer Trust.

In November, at the first of our Autumn/Winter time meetings at 2.30 p.m., we heard from Eileen Dilley who talked about her training as a dress designer and she brought along a vast array of clothes and other items that she had skillfully designed and made.

During the Winter months we had a visit from Nigel Warwick from The Severn Freewheelers, a group of motor cyclists who voluntarily deliver blood, human tissue and other essential medical items between NHS facilities in Hereford, Worcester, Gloucester and North Wiltshire, and he gave a very enlightening talk about the jobs they tackle and was able to show us the type of motor bike they use, complete with blue light and siren..Then in February Dr Janet Stevens came to tell us about the work involved in compiling and distributing Talking Newspapers for the Blind.

The year finished with a fascinating talk accompanied by slides from Gill Suttle.

The talk was entitled Celestial Horses and was all about her journey through Turkmenestan, meeting and buying a beautiful horse Atamekan, and then continuing her travels on horseback, until she sadly had to leave the horse to return to England but vowing to return to collect him. This she managed eventually but almost too late as the horse was in a very bad state but she got him home to England, he thrived and sired a number of foals before he died a number of years later.

In the summer, we enjoyed a visit to Kelmscott Manor, the home of William Morris, followed later that day by a visit to Fairford Church to view the renowned stained glass windows, and were treated to an unexpected rehearsal for the Fairford Airshow due to start the next day, enjoying excellent views of the Red Arrows.

We have also met together for a dinner at the Red Hart at Peterstow and plan to enjoy a Spring supper, at the Alma later this month, supporting a local business.

Commencing in March, one of our members, helped by her sister, ran four craft sessions’ to include crochet and felt-making as a ‘taster’ for members who were interested in learning new craft skills. These have been well received and may possibly extend to further sessions in the future.

Finally, our Sunday Lunch last August was very successful once again. This year’s Sunday Lunch will take place in Linton Village Hall on Sunday, 9th August at 12.30pm and we invite you to book a place as early as possible.

Janet Griffiths
Secretary, Linton WI

Footpaths Report

Report for Annual parish Meeting April 25th 2016

The footpaths officer sends his apologies for non attendance.


All the footpaths remain open, except LTR 38C, which still has a temporary closure whilst building work is carried out at Eastcliff on Linton Ridge. It is anticipated that the closure will remain in effect until summer 2016.

Vegetation has been removed from many stiles and hedges bordering footpaths throughout the year.

The major job, which has been waiting for a number of years, has been the renovation of 38B. It has been in a difficult state for some time, being on a steep slope and the sides of the path had collapsed. Access with equipment was not possible. Eventually HCC came and did most of the work, leaving LPC to put on the top surface. It is now a pleasure to walk along.

Broken steps have been replaced on LTR35 near the pound, and further work is necessary lower down that path. Also steps have been repaired on LTR35, near the top of Pinford Lane.

The fingerpost on the east end of LTR37 was stolen, as was a replacement. A third one will need seriously concreting into the ground.

It is very pleasing to note that the residents adjacent to LTR 36 by the bungalows in Bromsash have worked very hard and now keep that path in wonderful condition. The broken stile at the far end has been replaced with a ‘lean-to’gate installed by the farmer. This will be secure unless there are stock in the field – which does not seem to happen.

On 18th April I attended a meeting with Herefordshire Access Froum – Unrecorded Rights of Way.

This kick-started an exciting new project to record the rights of way missing from the Definitive Map (The Council’srecord of Public Rights of Way), and its other highway records. These can be footpaths, bridleways, byways (green lanes), various unadopted roads and other tracks. The project needs completing before 2026 after which it will no longer be possible to add to the Definitive Map. So we need to act. During the summer I will be considering best how to proceed with this project. I hope, later in the year, to ask people who live in the parish to contribute ideas and reminiscences; and help do research for evidence which will be needed to enable HCC to apply to bring these old byways on to the record.

Once again, grateful thanks are again due to the many people who maintain the footpaths adjacent to their property. This is an enormous help to the Footpaths Officer and greatly appreciated by those who use the footpaths. Thanks also to folks who report problems with footpaths. Their observations are always treated seriously and responded to as soon as possible. If anyone wishes to report a problem, please contact Richard Baker 01989 720 147, or the Parish Clerk, and the problem will be investigated promptly.

Chairman’s statement AGM 16/01/16

2015 was a year of development for the management of the Village hall. In fact our focus this year has been two-fold, clarity and understanding of the legislative demands of running a community resource and the expansion and development of our fundraising activities.

A key focus was to ensure that we were able to adhere to the requirements of Health and Safety rules and operational guidelines required to safely manage our hall and events both in house and when working in the wider community.

This included a wide range of changes both large and small from:

  • Re launching our Linton Village Website to advertise events and also share important documents such as the Financial accounts and minutes
  • Paying for a Community first officer visit to help us understand legislation and guidelines
  • Focus on legislation and rules for example Temporary events notices and music licensing
  • Achieving a food business registration and grading from Hereford council
  • Food handling training for committee members and a food handling workshop
  • Food handling records and procedures reviewed and adopted
  • Pat testing for electrical equipment
  • Fire extinguisher testing
  • Electrical testing replacement costs and charges
  • Implementation of procedures for staff on events with food handling including ingredient listing for food and cakes
  • Replacement locks and keys as part of our insurance policy
  • Cleaning review and monitoring
  • Paper towel holders in toilets and kitchen to replace hand towels
  • New foot operated kitchen bin

Within the focus area it was very important to ensure that our catering performance was up to scratch. In 2015 we were lucky further develop our events and to gain some larger catering business in addition to our own Village hall events, this included -:

  • Linton festival tea tent 1100 attendees.
  • The Festival Breakfasts over 200 fed
  • a wedding for 60 guests including delicious canapés and salads and deserts
  • An afternoon tea in the garden.
  • And of course … personal caterers to the Stars at the at St Mary’s church Michael Palin event.

Underpinning these efforts is our unique ‘Brand’. Under our ILOVELINTONVLLAGEHALL logo, we now have our own branded beer, uniform and mugs, which help establish our status as a professional and competent business.

During this year we have continued meeting the pledge made at the 2015 AGM to extend our community links within Linton Parish and beyond supporting St Mary’s church, VOLT and Linton Festival.

Without our own LVH and joint events we would not be in a position to contribute an income to the upkeep and development of the hall.

Thanks to our successes this year we have been able to:

  • Complete the internal painting of our committee room, the kitchen and hallways
  • fund the electrical inspection and repairs
  • insulate and clear the lofts
  • Accrue funds for unexpected problems.

One of these was the inspection and interim work on the main hall floor which will need to be extensively repaired in 2016. In addition we have updated out audio equipment and will shortly be providing a new suspended overhead projector and remote lapel mike to work with our hearing loop.

We will continue to develop and expand our programme of events at the hall, for example the Fashion Shows, Music nights, artisan markets and exercise workshop days. These continue to attract a wide variety of visitors which is an important focus as our ‘customers’ are what keep us functioning and growing

The Force is strong in Linton and nowhere stronger than in the Village hall team of our management committee , our helpers and our supporters. The

committee are the backbone of this effort and as Chair I have to say they are the most … committed, enthusiastic, inventive, talented, inspired people I have ever worked with – Thank you

As ever we look forward to the challenges we know the year will bring, we will continue to grow and work with our community. we will continue to bring exciting and vibrant events to the hall and of course we will continue…… to serve delicious food and cake.