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  • P181755/XA2 - PP - Approval of details reserved by condition 14th May 2018
    Land opposite Laburnam Cottage Bromash Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire , Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 2, 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 & 14 attached to planning permission 173066. , Valid
  • P181727/XA2 - PP - Approval of details reserved by condition 4th May 2018
    Great Woodend Farm Woodend Lane Linton Ross-on-Wye , Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 5 9 & 10 attached to planning permission 163939 , Valid
  • P181602/F - Planning Permission 3rd May 2018
    Land to the east of The Old Post Office Gorsley Road Gorsley Ross On Wye HR9 7SW, Proposed erection of two dwellings together with associated works on existing development plot. , Valid
  • P181653/FH - Full Householder 3rd May 2018
    Dobra Hus Gorsley Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7SF, Proposed Wintergarden, garage conversion, new link and new garage , Valid
  • P180797/F - Planning Permission 26th April 2018
    Brook Farm Gorsley Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7SH, Change of use for the storage of construction plant and equipment and agricultural equipment. The construction plant and equipment is to be stored here when not at work on site. , Valid
  • P181453/F - Planning Permission 18th April 2018
    Land opposite Laburnum Cottage Bromash Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire , Application for variation of condition 2 of planning permission P173066/F. Amendments to design and layout. , Valid
  • P181031/F - Planning Permission 11th April 2018
    Rosedale Chapel Lane Gorsley Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7SE, Proposed demolition of existing portal frame building and erection of a 3 bedroom detached dwelling and associated landscape works , Valid
  • P181093/F - Planning Permission 26th March 2018
    Land adjacent to Oakland Gorsley Common Road Gorsley Ross-On-Wye , Proposed erection of 4 new dwellings, Valid
  • P180979/F - Planning Permission 15th March 2018
    Laburnum Cottage B4224 From Fording Lane To Jac Bromsash HR9 7PN, Variation of condition No.2 (173066/F)amendments to design and layout. , Determination Made
  • P180852/F - Planning Permission 12th March 2018
    Land at Bromsash opposite Hilltop Bromsash Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire , Erection of a stable building. , Determination Made
  • P180873/O - Outline 7th March 2018
    Land at Mill Villa Gorsley Ross on Wye Herefordshire , Proposed outline application for erection of a 4 bed dwelling. , Determination Made
  • P180651/F - Planning Permission 1st March 2018
    Land at Hilltop Poultry Farm Upton Bishop Ross on Wye Herefordshire , Change of use of land to equestrian and demolition of part of existingbarn to put concrete base for two wooden flat packed stables with metal skids. For personal use only. , Determination Made
  • P180942/FH - Full Householder 1st March 2018
    Cherry Lea Gorsley Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7SJ, Proposed single storey side extension, new porch and rear dormer extension. , Determination Made
  • P180665/AM - Non Material Amendment 20th February 2018
    Land adjacent Ivylea House Bromsash Ross on Wye Herefordshire , Non-material amendment 172924/F (Proposed erection of 5 detached houses and new vehicular access) - amendment to roof configuration of the garage to plot 5. , Determination Made
  • P180559/F - Planning Permission 16th February 2018
    The Marshalls Chapel Lane Gorsley HR9 7SE, Proposed 2 new dwellings on existing garden site , Determination Made
  • P180487/F - Planning Permission 8th February 2018
    Site adjacent to Royal Cottage Linton Road Gorsley Ross on Wye Herefordshire HR9 7SH, Application for variation of condition 2 following grant of planning permission (172713)to allow house type amendments. , Determination Made
  • P180234/FH - Full Householder 22nd January 2018
    4 Sundale Gorsley Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7ST, Alterations and extension and replacement oil storage tank. , Determination Made
  • P174654/F - Planning Permission 9th January 2018
    Gorsley Baptist Chapel Gorsley Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7SE, Proposed conversion of church meeting room into a Community Shop and Post Office. To include a new door and access ramp. , Determination Made
  • P180029/F - Planning Permission 8th January 2018
    Land opposite Laburnam Cottage Bromash Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire , Application for removal or variation of a condition 2 & 4 of planning permission 173066 (proposed development of 4 new dwellings) - to re-site entrance to avoid crossing third party land. , Determination Made
  • P174757/F - Planning Permission 3rd January 2018
    Land between East View and Whitehouse Cottages Bromsash Herefordshire HR9 7PN, Six proposed dwellings. , Determination Made