Minutes 10th September 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council
On Monday 10th September 2018
At Linton Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Cllr P Crumpton (Chairman); Cllr B Clark; Cllr A Ferraby; Cllr M Gough; Cllr J Gough; Cllr N Jones; Cllr S Morley; Cllr A Reeves (Vice Chairman); Cllr L Watkins

In attendance: Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm. 16 members of public.
1. Apologies for absence: None
2. Co-options: None.
3. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: None
4. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 13th August 2018 it was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of the meeting as a true and accurate record.

5. Clerk’s Report – The Clerk’s report for the month was presented and noted.
6. Planning

a. Applications received

i. 182836 – Land to the east of the old post office, Gorsley. Proposed erection of a self build/custom build family dwelling together with associated works (alternative design on existing development plot). Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection and no comment.
ii. 182374 Re-consultation – Hill Top, Upton Bishop. Proposed extension to garage and extension to side of bungalow. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection and no comment.
iii. 182779 – Woodgate House, Upton Bishop. Proposed installation of an outdoor riding arena. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection and no comment.

b. To note any applications decided since last meeting: None.

c. Update on derelict house in Quarry Lane – the owners of the building attended the meeting and supplied address details which will be passed on to Planning Enforcement Officer. No further action from Parish Council.

7. Dog Noise Nuisance issue – A letter summarising residents issues had been received. Feedback from HALC was reported. It was agreed that the Parish Council should contact: the owner of the dogs, the RSPCA and any legal helpline available under Council insurance policy for nuisance advice. The Clerk was approved to obtain licence details under FOI request.
8. Neighbourhood Development Plan

a. Cllr Watkins reported on progress and this was unanimously supported
b. A draft questionnaire had been circulated to Councillors who provided feedback.

9. Post Office & Shop – the opening day was very well attended and the Parish Council congratulated the team for achieving the opening quickly and successfully.
10. Allotments – The Council considered actions proposed and RESOLVED unanimously to support these.
11. Finance

a. Report on receipts & payments and progress against budget was received and a copy is attached to these minutes.
b. It was RESOLVED to approve payments: NALC audit fee £180.00 incl VAT (incorrectly stated in agenda at £150), Lengthsmans monthly, £284.00, Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerk salary & expenses £322.89

12. Locality Steward and highways matters:

a. weekly reports of activity in the Penyard Ward were noted. Clerk to alert BBL &/or Lengthsman to need to keep drainage at bottom of Fordings Lane clear.
b. It was agreed that Councillors submit their comments for General Scrutiny Committee review of public realm services, to next meeting for collation and return.

13. Lengthsman

a. Cllr Jones reported on meeting with Lengthsman and the draft task schedule was unanimously approved.
b. Lengthsmans monthly report was considered. See also 12.a above.
c. It was RESOLVED to sign the contract with BBL for Lengthsman/P3 scheme with reference to Pothole works deleted.

14. Footpaths – Updated schedule of footpaths was considered. It was agreed to review and determine actions against each at October meeting.
15. Public Submissions

• Mirror at Shutton Cross – residents felt that this is a hazardous junction and a mirror should be considered to enhance visibility.
• Formal consultation is now open on plans for Linton Church exterior lighting and views of residents would be welcomed
• Various hedges require cut back to allow adequate road visibility: corner Frowens & Quarry Lane (Bramley Cottage), top of Quarry Lane & B4221 (Treelights)

16. Chairman & Councillors’ submissions

a. Submissions & announcement: None
b. Leader of the Council’s Summit 17 October: Cllr Crumpton confirmed his intention to attend.

17. Date of next meeting – the Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday 8th October at Gorsley Village Hall.
There being no further business the meeting ended at 21:23