Minutes 19th April 2016

Linton Parish Council
Bromsash Gorsley and Linton
Minutes of the Extraordinary Council meeting held on Tuesday 19th April 2016 at 7.30 pm in Linton Village Hall


Cllr Jean Foley – Chairman

Cllr Lyn Bryan Cllr Paul Crumpton

Cllr John Watkins Cllr Luci Watkins

Clerk: Rosie Clark 8 Parishioners

1. Apologies for absence

Cllr Ken Downham, Cllr Max Gough, Cllr Jackie Gough and Cllr Barry Clark.

2. Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda

Cllr John Watkins declared an interest in a planning application.

3. Minutes of Council meeting held on 14th March 2016
Minutes were accepted and signed by the Chairman.

4. Report from the Clerk on actions requested in the minutes dated 14th March 2016, not covered elsewhere in the agenda – FOR INFORMATION ONLY
All items covered within the Agenda.

5. Report by Parish Paths Officer (PPO) and agree payment process for footpath works
Item deferred until after Item 12 as PPO delayed.

6. Allotments business and information and agree any actions

Rabbits are becoming a problem due to holes in the netting, Cllr John Watkins to meet on site to assess the damage. The dog fouling appears to have been resolved, the gap in the hedge on the footpath boundary has a new gate and the top gate has been locked, the parish council was grateful for the work, undertaken on a voluntary basis. Invoices for allotment rent are being sent out with details of the allotment accounts for 2015/2016. The advert for the vacant plot to go in the Chimes and on notice boards for a further month.

7. Update on minor road defects and other reported issues and agree actions

An update has been requested from Highways on the proposed works for a reduction in the speed limit by Gorsley Goff’s School. The Locality Steward provided the following update – the brook has been cleared of debris under the bridge at Warrens Pitch, photographs provided; hedge requested to be cut back at Bromsash crossroads to improve visibility of stop sign and Woodend Lane culvert scheduled for works in 3/6 months – Locality Steward to monitor: Ivy House Lane sign – Locality Steward has noted the complaint about visibility & will monitor any other complaints. Cllr Crumpton is meeting to discuss the issue of fly tipping, identify popular sites where it occurs and discuss what can be done to resolve the problem.

8. Lengthsman’s Report and agree additional works required

It was resolved that the Lengthsman should not pick up litter in May but concentrate on clearing the grips in Bromsash, clearing round the Bromsash bench and Gorsley notice board in preparation for their refurbishment, cleaning signs and grass cutting.

9. Invite to participate in the WW1 Centenary commemoration
The Chairman read out the invitation and it was agreed that the details would be given at the Annual Parish Meeting.

10. Response to the Community Infrastructure Levy consultation

The Chairman read out the details of the consultation, explaining the levy and that the percentage given to parish councils on new build housing was greater where a Neighbourhood Plan was in place. It was agreed that in the absence of a Neighbourhood Plan the parish council would follow the recommendations of Herefordshire Council.

11. Financial Matters: To approve payments

IT WAS AGREED unanimously to pay the following invoices and cheques were duly signed.

Lengthsman (April) – £284

Clerk: Salary (April) (less tax) – £210

Expenses for April – £15

Water Rates (allotments) – £17.56

Linton Village Hall (room hire) – £76 787

HMRC – £165.80

20:10 – Cllr John Watkins left the meeting.

12. Consider and comment on planning applications including:

P153550/0 – Rose Cottage, Gorsley. Proposed construction of a 3 bedroomed detached house – amended and

additional information. No objection to this application.

P160992/0 – Land adjoining Woodend Lane, Gorsley. Erection of 5 dwellings, construction of new vehicular

access and associated works. Following detailed discussion from Cllrs and parishioners about the potential for

flooding, density and the poor infrastructure of the village, it was agreed that there was insufficient detail provided

in the application and the parish council would submit the following comments: Linton Parish Council is unable to

comment on this application as it stands as there is insufficient detail on how potential flooding would be

alleviated. Further information such as a flooding assessment is requested. There were also some concerns over density.


P160211 – Land adjacent to Grape Cottage, Burrup’s Lane – Proposed residential dwelling. Approved with conditions; P160347 – 1 Springdale, Gorsley – Proposed garage extension and provision of pitched roof. Approved with conditions; P160296 – Talbot Cottage, Linton – Proposed erection of garden boundary/retaining walls and siting of oil tank (retrospective) Refurbishment/rebuilding of boundary wall adjacent to highway; erection of close boarded timber fence; sleeper wall to support earth bank; 2 no. garden sheds and additional greenhouse. Approved with conditions.

The Chairman noted that a complaint had been received about the safety and number of pallets in Gorsley, Councillors to report back at the next meeting.

20:45 – The Parish Paths Officer, Richard Baker arrived

5. To receive a report by Parish Paths Officer (PPO) and agree payment process for footpath Works

The payment process was discussed and it was agreed that the existing process would stand with the PPO continuing

to provide signed receipts for every job undertaken. He confirmed that LTR 35 had been resolved and clarification

was provided about the position of the Lambs Cross post, which he would check. The PPO also advised he was

attending a meeting about unrecorded rights of way missing from the Herefordshire Council Definitive Map and he

asked parishioners to let him know of any old paths or bridleways. If these were agreed, he would scope the work

and hoped to have more detail by the end of the year and look at how individuals in the parish could be involved.

The PPO handed the Clerk £25.60 from the sale of footpath maps.

13. Correspondence – FOR INFORMATION ONLY

As emailed

14. Chairman’s Announcements
Brian Squires was closing the post office in Linton after some 45 years – the Parish Council wanted to record their thanks to him for all he has done for the community.

The Chairman encouraged parishioners to attend the Annual Parish meeting on 25th April, Cllr Harry Bramer attending; The parish council website was up and running, there were a few teething problems but it was hoped to have these resolved swiftly.

15. Councillors’ Submissions, including Village Events


16. Public Submissions

Precept query – It was noted that the Parish Council had voted that the precept remain the same, however the council tax notifications showed the precept had gone up? The Chairman explained that the Government had in previous years given a small grant but this had now stopped.

17. Date of next meeting

It was RESOLVED that the next meeting will be held on Monday 13th June in Gorsley Village Hall

The meeting closed at 21.25pm