Minutes 14th December 2015

Bromsash Gorsley and Linton
Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th December 2015 at 7:30pm in Gorsley Village Hall

Cllr Ken Downham – Vice Chairman
Cllr Max Gough Cllr John Watkins
Cllr Jackie Gough Cllr Lyn Bryan
Cllr Barry Clark

Clerk: Rosie Clark 6 Parishioners

1. Apologies for absence
Cllr Jean Foley, Cllr Paul Crumpton, Cllr Luci Watkins, Parish Paths Officer and Locality
2. Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda
There were no declarations of interest.
3. Approve the Minutes of the Meeting Held on 9th November 2015
These were accepted and signed by the Vice Chairman.
4. Report from the Clark on actions requested in the minutes dated 9th November
2015, not covered elsewhere in the agenda – FOR INFORMATION ONLY
All items are covered within the Agenda.
5. Allotments business and information and agree any actions.
Cllr Max Gough and Cllr Downham said that all seemed in order at the allotments and the Allotment Association Chairman reported that all was fine.
6. Update on minor road defects and other reported issues and agree any actions.
A meeting has been arranged between the Locality Steward, Lengthsman and Cllr Downham in early January, at the culvert in Woodend Lane. The Locality Steward confirmed that Balfour Beatty would not be undertaking any ditch works and that all ditches were the responsibility of Landowners. Further clarification will be provided at the January parish council meeting.
7. Lengthsman’s Report and agree any additional works required
The Lengthsman was unable to site the replacement bench near the school as the area appeared to have been resurfaced and, as the new bench was larger than the previous one, he wanted to ensure it was in the correct position. To be clarified at the meeting in January.
8. To review and agree website, additional training and transparency grant funding
The website was reviewed by Cllrs in advance of the meeting. It was confirmed that the application for Transparency Grant Funding had been approved. Councillors approved an additional 2 hours training (at a cost of £70 – covered by the Grant) for the Clerk, for maintaining and updating the website. When completed the website is ready to ‘go live’.
9. Financial Matters: To approve payments, discuss and agree Budget and Precept for
IT WAS AGREED unanimously to pay the following invoices and cheques were duly signed.
Lengthsman (December) – £284
Clerk: Salary (December) (less tax) – £210
Expenses for December – £54.38
HITT (creation of Website) – £300
AV Taylor (allotment hedge cutting) – £96
Cllr Max Gough presented the proposed budget, explaining the known and expected
increases. He confirmed that, based on this budget, it was possible to keep the Precept at the
same level as previous years, highlighting that this was continuing to spend the parish
council reserves and therefore may need to be addressed in the next year or two. Options for
the proposed budget were discussed and it was acknowledged that the allotments were almost
at the break even point in respect of rent received against expenditure. It was agreed
unanimously that the proposed budget be adopted. Councillors thanked Cllr Max Gough for
the work he had undertaken on the budget.
10. To consider and comment on planning applications;
P153351/L (Listed Building Consent) and P153350/F – Land at Two Parks Farm Upton Bishop, proposed conversion of a redundant barn into a single purpose residential dwelling with associated parking and gardens – No objection.
P153550/O – Rose Cottage, Gorsley. Proposed construction of a 3 bedroom detached house – No Objection.
Update on Lynders Wood Upton Bishop – Proposed archery course with 3D foam animal targets. Application referred for a site visit by Herefordshire Planning Committee – 12th Jan, next planning committee meeting 13th Jan.
P152392/F – Land adjacent to Forge House, Bromsash – Proposed construction of a new dwelling and garage. Approved with Conditions
P153016/F – East View, Bromsash, demolition of existing garage, construction of new dwelling. Minor alteration works to existing dwelling. Approved with Conditions
11. Correspondence.
As emailed – in addition a schedule of correspondence is available for Cllrs to request email copies as required. Cllr Downham read out a letter, sent to Highways and copied to the parish council, regarding concerns about an overgrown hedge overhanging the highway. Clerk to pass details to the Locality Steward.
12. Chairman’s Announcements
Cllr Downham wished everyone a Happy Christmas and thanked the parishioners for attending meetings throughout the year. He also passed on best wishes from Cllr Jean Foley.
13. Councilors’ submissions.
14. Public Submissions:
A BT telephone wire was hanging down at the top end of Woodend Lane. Clerk to report.
The hedge at Sargents Lane Crossroads had been cut but was still obstructing visibility of cars at the junction – Clerk to advise Locality Steward.
It was pointed out that should the parish council consider raising allotment rents in the future, 12 months notice would be required (this was following discussion about the budget, item 9).
15. Date of Next Meeting
It was RESOLVED that the next meeting will be held on Monday 11th January in Linton Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 20.45pm