Minutes 13th June 2016

Linton Parish Council
Bromsash Gorsley and Linton
Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 13th June 2016 at 7.30 pm in Gorsley Village Hall


Cllr Jean Foley – Chairman

Cllr Ken Downham – Vice Chairman

Cllr John Watkins

Clerk: Rosie Clark 6 Parishioners

1. To receive apologies for absence
Cllr Lyn Bryan, Cllr Barry Clark, Cllr Paul Crumpton, Cllr Max Gough, Cllr Jackie Gough and Cllr Luci Watkins. The Chair stated as there was not a quorum present, items on the agenda requiring approval would not be discussed and would be deferred to the meeting on 11th July.

2. To record Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda
Deferred to 11th July meeting.

3. To approve the Minutes of Council meeting held on 9th May 2016
Deferred to 11th July meeting.

4. To receive a report from the Clerk on actions requested in the minutes dated 9th May 2016, not covered elsewhere in the agenda – FOR INFORMATION ONLY

Deferred to 11th July meeting.

5. Adoption of Parish Footpaths Officer
Richard Baker was formally adopted as the Parish Paths Officer.

6. To receive Allotments business and information and agree any actions

Following a meeting at the allotments with Cllr Max Gough the following to be actioned:

· Arrange for weed spraying around the rabbit proof fence as weed control overdue.

· Evidence of rabbits within boundary fence. Unsure if rabbits are living within allotments or still getting through the fence, evidence of rats – arrange for a pest control company to give their opinion on both observations.

· Arrange for hedge on right hand side of allotments to be sided up and grass cut in this area.

· Plots 10 & 17 continue to be untidy. Write to allotment holders.

7. To receive an update on minor road defects and other reported issues and agree actions

Clerk to G&K PC is aware the vehicle activated sign in Kilcot is faulty, they are working to resolve the issue. The Locality Steward sent his apologies and update: Potholes on Linton Ridge and Manse Lane, Gorsley and repairs to the road surface in Bromsash have been completed, he is aware potholes in Woodend Lane have not been repaired, these will be completed shortly. The stop sign at Bromsash crossroads – consideration to replacing the existing pole and bringing the sign further out if feasible. The parish council is in contact with Cllr Rone – Cabinet Member for Transport & Roads, over concerns about the safety and condition of the pavement alongside the B4221 from the School to the county border.

8. To receive Lengthsman’s Report, agree any additional works required

Item deferred until after Item 13 as Lengthsman delayed.

9. To approve the Lengthsman’s Scheme contract for 2016/17 with the Lengthsman and the Lengthsman’s Risk Assessment for 2016/17.

Item deferred until after Item 13 as Lengthsman delayed.

10. To review Standing Orders including Financial Standing Orders
Deferred to 11th July meeting.

11. To review Risk Assessment and Asset Register for 2016/2017
Deferred to 11th July meeting.

20:00. The Lengthsman – Wayne Reed arrived

12. Financial Matters: To approve payments and complete external auditors report for 2015/2016
The following cheques were signed as they had been agreed at the meeting in May or were a statutory requirement:

Data Protection Renewal £35

Donation to Gorsley Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations £50

Donation to Linton Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations £50

A schedule detailing all payments to be emailed to Councillors for approval and reported at the next meeting.

The external auditors report to be emailed to Councillors for approval as the submission date is 24th June.

13. To consider and comment on planning applications

P161568/FH -White Chapel, Bromsash. Proposed porch to front elevation – no objections from the meeting, no comments submitted.

8. To receive Lengthsman’s Report, agree any additional works required

The Lengthsman’s report was received, he was unable to cut grass at the Sugar Tump as there was a car parked on it.

9. To approve the Lengthsman’s Scheme contract for 2016/17 with the Lengthsman and the Lengthsman’s Risk

Assessment for 2016/17.

The Lengthsman’s Scheme contract was signed as it had agreed at the May meeting. Approval of the Lengthsman’s Risk Assessment for 2016/17 was deferred to the 11th July meeting. The Chair spoke about the reduction in grant funding from Herefordshire Council for the Lengthsman Scheme for 2017/18 and from 2018/19 parish councils were expected to pay 100% of the costs and will be encouraged to continue funding the lengthsman from their own precepts. The Lengthsman commented on the lack of budget and said that his costs were also very tight as he had not had an increase from the parish council since they joined the scheme over 9 years ago and his costs had risen. The Chair asked whether it was the same for the other parish councils the Lengthsman does work for. Lea and Upton Bishop parish councils are the same as Linton Parish, Weston Under Penyard pay for works as they identify what is required. Cllr John Watkins suggested looking at alternative funding streams in advance of next year i.e. the funding notices issues by Herefordshire Council detailing what grants were available from other sources.

14. To receive Correspondence – FOR INFORMATION ONLY

As emailed. The Chair read an email from Balfour Beatty about their initial thoughts on the request for a reduction in the speed limit in Gorsley by the School, following the deployment of the speed data collection equipment. This indicated that it was highly likely that introducing a 30 mph speed limit with signs only will lead to disappointment in the level of speed reduction achieved by such an action. The suggestion was to reconsider installing a Village Gateway. The Chair said the parish council will continue to lobby for a 20mph speed limit by the school which is what they have been asking for over the past 20 years. She will reply to Balfour Beatty.

15. Chairman’s Announcements


16. Councillors’ Submissions, including Village Events
Regarding the complaint about the safety and number of pallets in Gorsley, the pallets on the right hand side of the road were piled high, and there were a significant number of pallets on site, however it is not clear whether there are any stipulations on the height and position for storage. Herefordshire Council to confirm.

17. To receive Public Submissions

The brook at Warrens Pitch is overgrown & debris building up again, Clerk to speak with Locality Steward. The B4221 by the school is dark as you enter the village, tall hedgerows and overhanging trees make it difficult to see signs, parishioner to ask the school why it had not been cut back.

18. To confirm the date of next meeting scheduled for Monday 11th July in Linton Village Hall

The date of the next meeting was confirmed.

19. Employment matters – It is likely that a resolution be passed to exclude the public because of the employment nature of the business to be discussed
Deferred to 11th July meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.55