Minutes 13th July 2015

Bromsash Gorsley and Linton
Minutes of the Meeting held on 13th July 2015 in Linton Village Hall at 7:30pm

Cllr Jean Foley- Chairman Cllr Ken Downham – Vice Chairman
Cllr John Watkins
Cllr. Max Gough
Cllr. Jackie Gough
Cllr. Barry Clark
Cllr. Paul Crumpton
Cllr. Lyn Bryan

Acting Minute Secretary: Douglas Courtney.

7 Parishioners plus the Locality Steward

Minute Item

1. Apologies
Cllr Lucy Watkins gave her apologies.

2. Declarations of Interest
Cllrs. John Watkins, Paul Crumpton and Barry Clark signed the Declaration of Interest in relation to a planning applications.

3. Minutes of the Meeting Held on 8th June 2015
These were accepted and signed by the Chairman

4. To Receive the Clerk’s Report. All items in the Clerk’s Report are covered within the current Agenda

5. To receive Allotments business and information and agree any actions.
• It was agreed that Plot 24 should be allocated to Andi Jones who currently tends the adjacent plot and wishes to extend his allotment. In view of the fact that there is no-one on the Parish waiting list and that the plot is in poor condition, it was agreed to allow Andi Jones to rent the plot at half rate for the remainder of the year.
• The Clerk had laminated the notices for placing on site and she will meet with Chris Stacey in next few days.
• It was RESOLVED to accept the quotation from Mole’s Services for the removal of brambles around the perimeter fence and for spraying weeds around the rabbit proof fence at £223.20 & £162 respectively.
• The provision of additional fencing was agreed in principal but clarification is required about the number of stakes needed for the task and this will be sought by the Clerk. John Watkins will review his quotation (£293) Cllr Max Gough will also seek a further quotation.

6. To receive an update on minor road defects and other reported issues and agree any actions.
• It was noted that the redundant sign at Sugar Tump had not been removed. The Locality Steward (LS) will arrange this.
• The LS noted that the hedge around the school is the responsibility of the School. Concern about the adequacy of the fence at Revells Lane was again debated and the LS reported that this was a Highways Agency responsibility. However he would write to them to ask for their opinion say the fence was not fit for purpose.
• The culvert at Revells Lane is scheduled for repair in 3 weeks.
• Cllr Crumpton offered to speak with Bob Haynes at Highways re the pavement on B4221, which needs remedial work.
• Cllr. Bryan raised her concern about the M50 east bound slip road at junction 3 and the unusually short stopping distance before joining the B4221. Consideration to installing a STOP sign at this junction was recommended. The LS to discuss with Highways at Strensham.
• The Chairman reported on her discussions regarding the imposition provision of a 20mph scheme in the proximity of GG School. It is unlikely to be considered
• in place until 2016. Cllr Crumpton said he would speak with Rob Reynolds of the Safer Roads Partnership and send any information via the Clerk.
• The concerns that the Vice Chairman expressed to his neighbour about large trees opposite his home have not been addressed. The LS to liaise with Ken Downham and the Clerk to be asked to write formally if necessary

7. To consider the replacement of the seat at the bus stop by Gorsley Goffs School

The provision of a seat in recycled materials to be ordered and sited near the school. The Clerk to speak with the landowner and seek consent if the installation is likely to encroach onto his land. The value of the seat is quoted at £300 approximately £400 +. Proposed Cllr. Bryan and Seconded Max Gough. It was agreed that the seat should be marked with Smart Water and a sign affixed to deter theft.

8. To receive Lengthsman’s Report, agree any additional works required & review the Lengthsman’s Scheme contracts with Herefordshire Council and the Lengthsman
• The Locality Steward confirmed that the existing grass cutting can be undertaken under the Lengthsman’s Scheme
• The Contracts for the new Lengthsman Scheme was duly signed by the Chairman and will be forwarded to the HCC.

9. Financial Matters: To approve payments

IT WAS AGREED unanimously to pay the following invoices and cheques were duly signed

Clerk £183–salary for July
HMRC – £157.60– Clerks Tax (quarterly)
DA Courtney Acting Minute Secretary: £70 July
Lengthsman £284 – June 2015.
Wyenet Hosting £118.80 (It was noted that the Website will be ready for examination
ICO Data Protection Renewal £35

It was RESOLVED to pay the sum of £50 towards an appeal for funds by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

10. Planning Applications. The following new applications were received:
P151691/F Frowens Lane. Proposed dwelling on Land at Laurel Cottage. No objection
P151908/FH Woodend Lane. Proposed stainless steel flue at Purlieu Barn. No objection

P143488/F Land adjacent Hartleton Farm, Bromsash: Refused
P151083/F Land at the Barn, Ridgeway, Gorsley: Application Withdrawn
P151174/F Land at the Old Post Office Gorsley. Approval given for 1 residential
P151466/F Plot at Whitehouse Farm, Gorsley – Re-orientation of Roof: Approved
P151004 & 5/F Land at Two Parks Farm, Linton. – Approval given under Listed
Consent, but application Refused under Planning.
11. Correspondence –FOR INFORMATION ONLY. A schedule of correspondence was circulated should any member wish to receive a full copy
• Licencing Details.
• A letter from Cllr. Crumpton to be added to the August Agenda
• Update on NW (including in HALC Information Corner. Cllr Crumpton offered to be the Parish Council’s representative at HALC if required.
12. Chairman’s Announcements
• The Chairman said she would ask the Clerk to write to HCC re the inordinate costs for bus passes for children travelling to school.
• The Chairman asked whether the Council wished to consider prayers at the beginning of meetings. There was agreement that prayers should not be said.
• The Chairman noted that Jan Faulkner had sent a letter of objection to HFDS re the housing development opposite the Post Office.

13. Councillors’ submissions
Cllr Jackie Gough noted that the yellow signs advising the public of planning applications were too small. She also noted that the sign at Quarry Lane advising the unsuitability of the road for heavy goods vehicles was obscured and hedging needed cutting back. Tyres near the quarry needed to be removed.
Cllr. Max Gough noted that a mattress remained outside the Council Yard at Jays Green and needed removing.

14. Public Submissions:
• A request that the 40mph illuminated sign at the school be re-calibrated as it seemed to be intermittent. The LS noted this.
• Mr. Clark’s bench near the Roadmaker needs some attention and treatment
• Mr Rowley commended the Council for not taking on the responsibility for potholes under the new Lengthsman’s Scheme and supported the decision.
• The hedging along Ivy House Lane needs cutting back. Clerk to consider including this in the work schedule.
15. Date of Next Meeting
It was RESOLVED that the Council’s next meeting will be held on Monday 10th August
in Gorsley Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.40 pm