Minutes 12 September 2016

Linton Parish Council
Bromsash Gorsley and Linton
Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 12 September 2016 at 7.30 pm in Linton Village Hall


Cllr Max Gough (Chairman) Cllr Luci Watkins

Cllr Lyn Bryan

Cllr Jackie Gough

Cllr Barry Clarke

Clerks: Rosie Clark Dierdre Morley 5 Parishioners

Cllr Gough welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the new Clerk – Mrs Dierdre Morley to the meeting.

1. Apologies were given by Cllrs Crumpton, and Watkins and were accepted.

2. To receive Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda

None received

3. To approve the Minutes of the Council meeting held on 8 August 2016

Cllr Gough proposed approval of the Minutes of the Council held on 8 August, which was unanimously agreed.

4. To receive a report from the Clerk on actions requested in minutes of 8 August 2016 and not covered elsewhere on the Agenda – FOR INFORMATION ONLY

1. The hedge at Trelights has been cut

2. The verges/hedges will be cut back in the next few weeks

3. The Footpath Officer is currently preparing the Autumn working plan

5. To receive Allotment business and information and agree any actions

Allotments seemed to be going well. The Clerk confirmed that the hedgerow to the road will be cut as part of the Allotments maintenance plan, but it will be at least another two weeks before it is done due to holidays.

6. To receive Lengthsman’s Report, and agree any additional works required

The Lengthsman had dug out the gulley at the brook at Warrens Pitch and taken away a number of items of debris, although there was more to be removed. The Lengthsman had reported that a digger would be needed to complete the work and that he could do so as part of his hours the next month.

It was agreed that the Lengthsman should continue to clear the brook next month and also to cut the hedge that was currently obscuring the “Stop” sign at Bromsash crossroads. In this regard a discussion took place as to whether public money should be used to cut back a householder’s hedge, however following consideration of the circumstances it was confirmed that such action would not set a precedent in the future.

7. To discuss frequency of Parish Council Meetings

Cllr Clark advised that he and Cllr John Watkins had considered this matter and the implications of possibly reducing the frequency of the Council meetings and the view of other parish councils had been sought. Those parish councils that had reduced to bi monthly meetings had returned to monthly meetings. Cllrs Clark and Watkins also considered that not holding meetings in August and December might be a compromise given these are traditionally quiet months. The general view from those parish councils consulted was that holding monthly parish council meetings was preferable to either calling an extraordinary meeting or appointing a planning and finance committee, given the need to regularly consider planning applications and approve cheques. The recommendation was to continue with monthly meetings for the time being; particularly given the reduced number of Councillors at this time and following discussion this was agreed.

8. To consider and comment on planning applications

1. Appeal for proposed development of 26 houses on land adjacent to B4221 and Lover’s

Walk, Gorsley including cost of advert in Ross Gazette

Following consideration at last month’s meeting to put an advertisement in the Ross Gazette to highlight the Appeal, an email from the Planning Officer (Roland Close) suggested that this would be an unusual step for the Parish Council. The Clerk advised that a small advertisement would cost in the region of £140.00 plus vat.

Cllr Gough advised that he had delivered 50 fliers in the area advising of the Appeal and details had been placed on the parish notice boards.

A vote was taken on whether the Council should place an advertisement in the Ross Gazette at the cost as advised, which was unanimously rejected.

Cllr Mrs Gough advised that she would attend the Appeal on 28th September.

2. P162317 3 Cross Cottages, Bromsash – proposed rear extension to form kitchen and dining room to facilitate ground floor living accommodation.

Comment: No Objection

3. P162456 Land adjacent to Ivylea House, Bromsash

Proposed erection of 5 detached dwellings and new vehicular access

Comment: No Objection

Notifications of planning approval with conditions:

P161955 Bayton House, Linton – Creation of a Horse Ménage; P161820 The Barn at Oakland, BlindMans Gate, Gorsley – Change of use to residential curtilage including boundary treatments, new wood shed, additional rooflight and internal layout modifications (Retrospective); Linton Queens Wood (TMO), Linton – Proposed telecommunications installation upgrade and associated works.

9. Financial Matters – to approve payments and to give consideration to purchase of a printer

1. HMRC £6.40 underpayment

2. Mole Services – Allotment spraying – £141.60

3. Lengthsman’s scheme – (Sept) £284.00

4. Clerk RC – Salary £189.84 Expenses £94.22

5. Clerk DM – Salary £396.57 gross (Aug/Sept) Expenses £29.50

It was agreed that a new printer for use by the new Clerk be purchased to a maximum figure of £125.00

10. To receive Correspondence – For Information only

Herefordshire Council – Annual Canvass 2016

11. Chairman’s Announcements

A leaving party for Cllrs Jean Foley and Ken Downham who had recently resigned from the Council to take place at the Alma Inn on Thurs 22 September at 7.30 pm – funded privately, at no cost to the Council.

12. Councillors’ submissions including Village events

There were no Councillors’ submissions

13. To receive Public submissions

Public submissions – Hedges not yet cut at Ivy House Lane and Woodend Lane – to be reported to Locality Steward.

Zig-zag lines should be extended to prevent traffic overtaking buses at the toucan crossing on the B4221 by Gorsley Goffs School – this to be reported to the Locality Steward.

14. To confirm date of next meeting – scheduled for Monday 10 Oct 2016

It was confirmed the date of the next meeting would be at Gorsley Village Hall on Monday 10 October 2016

15. Employment Matters

A resolution to exclude the public was passed due to the nature of the business to be discussed and the public left the meeting, Dierdre also left as her contract of employment was to be discussed.