Minutes 11th December 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Council
On Monday 11th December 2017
At Gorlsey Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Chairman Cllr M Gough; Cllr J Gough; Cllr L Watkins; Cllr B Clark; Cllr A Reeves; Cllr S Morley.

In attendance: Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm.

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr P Crumpton (received 12th December); Cllr A Ferraby.

2. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: None

3. Co-options: None.

4. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 13th November 2017 it was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of the meeting as a true and accurate record.

5. Public Submissions – None.

6. Clerk’s Report – Copies of the BBL winter briefing had been circulated. An offer of antique map of Linton passed to History Society.

7. Locality Steward and highways matters

a. Weekly reports: Noted.

b. Hedges on land adjacent Old Post Office: it was noted that these had now been cut. RESOLVED to ensure that all hedge owners were reminded in a note in the Chimes to keep them well trimmed and in a timely manner.

8. Lengthsman – RESOLVED to await a worksheet for November before releasing payment. Arrangements for snowploughing to be investigated.

9. Planning

a. applications received:

i. 173992 Boscherville, Chapel Lane, Gorsley – Conversion of part existing outbuilding to ancillary accommodation. It was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection and no comments.

ii. 174123 – Royal Cottage, Linton Road, Gorsley – Application for variation of condition 2 of planning permission. P172713/F. To site two new garages. It was RESOLVED unanimously to object to the application with the following comments:

regarding the garage proposed for Plot 1:

· it is set too close to the roadside overshadowing and out of keeping with the appearance of other buildings on this road.

· it is not integrated to the design of the house proposed under application 172713.

· the building is too tall

iii. 173380 Tuffets, The Line, Linton – Amended application: dwelling & car park. It was RESOLVED by majority (5 in favour, 1 not in favour) to object to the application and comment:

Though the amendment notification identified application number 173380, the documents online are the same for this application number and 173384 making it difficult to understand the plan amendment. It is not clear if the approval sought relates to this application 173380 or 173384 and appears unreasonably muddling and complicated.

The house on the lower level of the plans should show replacement parking.

iv. 174230 Land at Laurel Cottage, Frowens Lane, Gorsley – application for variation & discharge of conditions – Application no:161143. It was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection and no comments.

v. 174360 The Bungalow, Burrup Lane, Gorsley – single storey extension over existing property; relocation of main and a rear entrance; reconfiguration of internal walls. It was RESOLVED unanimously to object to the application with comments:

The design of the additional storey is out of keeping with the buildings nearby and less attractive.

The additional height is overshadowing those homes nearby and across the road and the privacy of those homes is lost.

The extension is disproportionate to the original bungalow and it is not subordinate to it.

The overall height of the additional storey gives a negative visual impact from the lane.

b. Applications decided

i. 173666 Rock Cottage, Gorsley – single storey rear extension. Approved with Conditions. Noted

ii. 173444 Mill Cottage Linton – rear 2 storey extension. Approved with conditions. Noted

It was noted in both approvals that the terms now include a restriction on construction working hours.

10. Post Office & Shop – copies of Newsletter and Steering Group minutes were circulated. A request to approve planning application made on behalf of a parish or community council which substantially reduces the cost was discussed and RESOLVED to approve following advice from the Head of Planning Department.

11. Footpaths – It was RESOLVED to make footpath routes to the Post Office/Community Shop a priority and ensure they meet accessibility criteria.

12. Allotments [item duplicated in Agenda and matter taken later] [Item 14 was taken next and in advance of item 13]

13. Financial Matters

a. Current Expenditure & Receipts and progress against budget was reviewed and noted.

b. Approval of expenditure – it was RESOLVED to approve the following payments:

Elizabeth Malcolm , Clerks Salary + mileage £287.43; Elizabeth Malcolm Refund NDP Printing Costs £76.00; Wayne Reed, Lengthsman monthly (Nov), £284.00 once satisfactory worksheet had been received.

14. Neighbourhood Development Plan

a. Progress on community consultation – Cllr Watkins provided a report on plans for consultation evening taking place on 13th December.

b. Budget for Community meeting – budget of £96 was approved for printing and hall hire.

15. Allotments – to consider estimates to cover empty plots with DPI to suppress weed growth – quotation from Chris Hyett with three options for either of DPI, or regular strimming or regular spraying was received. It was felt further options needed to be considered and brought to the next meeting.

Mr Beazleys’s request to clear old compost heap on unoccupied plot 22 was approved.

16. Linton Village Hall – It was noted that a revised Governing Document Reference Guide had been supplied by the LVH Secretary. A copy has been made available on the Parish Council website.

17. Correspondence – None

18. Chairman & Councillors’ submissions – None

19. Next Meeting – Monday 8th January at LINTON Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting ended at 21:15.