Stagecoach – reduced service. Complaints & Feedback

Reported by the Clerk for Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council:

A resident wrote to council recently regarding the Stagecoach Bus Service.  In recent years the number of buses running through Gorsley & Kilcot has dropped, according to Stagecoach, due to reduced demand. For those wishing to take the bus to work in Gloucester there is now only one option leaving at 06:50am with the next bus only coming through after 9am.

This early bus was coming through at 07:09am up until a few weeks ago when Stagecoach changed the timetable to 20mins earlier without placing a poster in the bus stop or asking the driver to inform regular commuters.

If you have had similar problems with the bus service please register a complaint or leave feedback by clicking on the following link:

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