Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 8th May 2017

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting
On Monday 8th May 2017
At Linton Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Chairman Cllr M Gough, Vice Chairman Cllr P Crumpton; Cllr A Ferraby; Cllr J Gough; Cllr J Watkins;
In attendance: Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm. 2 Parishioners.

1. Election of the Chairman for 2017/18 –

Cllr M Gough was proposed by Cllr P Crumpton and seconded by Cllr J Watkins and elected unanimously.

2. Election of Vice Chairman for 2017/18

Cllr P Crumpton was proposed by Cllr M Gough and seconded by Cllr J Watkins and elected unanimously.

3. Chairman’s Allowance (Sub Section 5, Section 15 Local Govt Act 1972) was proposed at £25 by Cllr M Gough and seconded by Cllr Crumpton and unanimously agreed.

4. Apologies for absence Cllr L Watkins

5. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests:

a. Cllr J Watkins declared an interest in item 15 a ii; Cllrs M Gough and J Gough declared an interest in item 15 b 1.

b. Cllrs were reminded to ensure that all interests had been kept up to date on published register.

6. Appointment of Officers:

a. Footpaths Officer – Cllr Ferraby was proposed by Cllr J Watkins and seconded by Cllr Crumpton and unanimously elected.

b. Other officers – Cllr M Gough will continue as point of contact for Allotments.

c. Representatives to other organisations – it was noted that the Council is very short of members and therefore not able to offer representation at other meetings, and they encourage any representatives of the many village organisations to take part in PC meetings and send representatives to become Councillor members.

7. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 10th April 2017. It was RESOLVED unanimously to agree and sign the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 10/04/17 as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

8. Clerk’s report –

· Clerk reported attendance at Balfour Beatty Parish Briefing. Councils and public are encouraged to report problems with roads potholes, litter, fly-tipping etc., online.

· Draft advertisement for Councillors to be placed in The Chimes was agreed.

9. Locality Steward

a. Weekly reports were noted. Pothole reported at last meeting in Manse Lane repaired.

b. Fording Lane – noted that this will form part of the annual review taking place this month

c. Ditches – awaiting feedback

d. Letter of concern from Mrs Tomlin regarding Bromsash Crossroads. Cllr Crumpton commented that this is a visibility issue. Clerk to ask Locality Steward for views.

10. Lengthmans Report

a. Report and additional work. Strimming and mowing now started. Lengthsman to be asked not to collect fly-tipping but to report to BBL online or via the phone line. Approved work small area of scrub off Quarry Lane to remove saplings as well as normal strimming.

b. Stump at Woodend Road – Owner of the land now identified as Mrs Langtree from Linton Ridge who will be contacted.

c. Lengthsmans scheme contract 2017/18 to be brought to next meeting.

11. Footpath Officer’s report –

a. LTR38 – the wood through which this passes is in the process of being sold.

b. Path by Eastcliffe on Linton Ridge – owner of adjacent land is in contact with BBL about fence encroachment and will reinstate the path once this is resolved.

12. Allotments

a. Renewals – outstanding on 11.5 plots.

b. Vacant Plots – half of plot 5 has become available and plot 22. Plot 1 is listed as available but appears to be worked.

c. Repair work raised –

i. Tap near plot 20 which is very stiff to be investigated

ii. Gateposts to be checked

iii. Removal of small oak from plot 7 was approved.

13. Insurance renewal

Clerk to circulate information by email. It was noted that this will require action approval and payment between meetings.

14. Financial Matters

a. The bank balance at 28/04/2017 £15,313.

b. Income in period noted that first payment of Precept received £4,500.

c. It was unanimously RESOLVED to pay invoices

i. Wayne Reed, Lengthsman £284

ii. Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerk £283.43 (Salary £259.08 Mileage £18.90, Postage £5.45)

d. It was noted that bank account details have now been changed to Clerk’s address, that delegate online authority (view only access) to the account was to be established and documentation for Cllr Ferraby as a signatory had been drawn up (approved at meeting 13 Feb 17, item 9 d)

15. Planning

a. The meeting considered the following planning applications:

i. 171305 Talbots Barn, Linton. Erection of single storey shed and greenhouse in rear/side garden. It was RESOLVED unanimously to return No Objection to this application

ii. 163939 Great Woodend Farm, Woodend Lane, Linton – Erection of 2 dwellings. Appeal to the Secretary of State against decision.

Cllr J Watkins abstained from discussion and vote on this item.

It was noted that this is an appeal on the application already made. The meeting RESOLVED to make no further comments on the application.

b. the meeting considered application decisions received since last meeting

i. P164089/F Land at Cherry Tree Farm Gorsley Proposed development of 2 new dwellings

Cllrs M & J Gough interest noted above.

It was noted that only one dwelling had been approved.

ii. P170578/F Land adjacent to Grape Cottage Burrups Lane Gorsley Proposed residential dwelling Approved.

iii. Rural Area Site Allocation information event on Monday 22nd May was brought to Councillors attention.

Gorsley Post Office – It was noted that Post Master Gordon Martin had contacted the PC to say that the information in Lee Hines letter noted in minutes of February meeting was not correct. The Post Office and Shop is for sale but it has not yet been sold and there is no plan to close for the time being. Post Office would advise the PC if formal closure of the service was to take place.
Neighbourhood Watch scheme
Sheila Fowler kindly advised that £137 was available from the now closed GDPG to support a continuation of mailings via the Parish Council. Discussion took place on issues around use of the West Mercia Community Messaging service and Cllr Crumpton agreed to work with all parties to come up with a user friendly scheme.

Report on the Annual Parish Meeting
Cllr M Gough expressed his concern at Ward Councillor Harry Bramer’s family difficulties which prevented his attendance at the APM. Ward Cllr Bramer to be invited to attend an ordinary Parish Council meeting.

Correspondence – none
Chairman’s Announcements – none
Councillor’s Submissions – none
Public Submissions – none
Next Meeting: Monday 12th June 2017 at Gorsley Village Hall.