Minutes 8th June 2015

Bromsash Gorsley and Linton
Minutes of the Meeting held on 8th June 2015
In Gorsley Village Hall at 7:30pm


Cllr Jean Foley- Chairman Cllr Ken Downham – Vice Chairman

Cllr John Watkins

Cllr. Max Gough

Cllr. Jackie Gough

Cllr. Barry Clark

Cllr. Lucy Watkins

Acting Minute Secretary: Douglas Courtney.

14 Parishioners plus the Parish Footpaths Officer.

Minute Item

1. Apologies

Cllr Lyn Bryan gave her apologies.

2. To co-opt Parish Councillor(s). Paul Crumpton was thanked for being willing to stand and was co-opted onto the Council. A Councillors Pack was given to Mr. Crumpton and he signed the acceptance of office.

3. Declarations of Interest

Cllr. John Watkins signed the Declaration of Interest in relation to a planning application.

4 . Minutes of the Meeting Held on 12 th May 2015

These were accepted and signed by the Chairman

5. To Receive the Clerk’s Report. All items in the Clerk’s Report are covered within the current Agenda

6. To receive a report by Parish Footpath’s Officer: The PFO was not in attendance.

• Allotments business and information

The Council agreed to offering half price rent for the new tenant at the Allotment for the first year.
It was agreed that a letter be sent to the tenant of Plot 24 re giving notice of end of tenancy.
It was agreed to accept the quotation of £50 to cut grass around the site as before.
It was agreed to proceed with the provision of 1 large and 2 small signs for the allotment. In the first instance, laminated a4 and a3 signs should suffice.
Cutting and clearing of the Perimeter Path needs to be implemented. Previous quotation to be considered.
A quotation to clear back the area with brambles also required.

To receive an update on minor road defects and other reported issues and agree any actions. There were no specific update on completed works but Revells Lane has been marked up for repair and work on ditch at B4221.
A parishioner has asked for consideration to be given to providing a replacement seat near the bus stop at the School. A recycled plastic seat might suit. John Watkins to obtain a price for a suitable seat.

The Clerk to establish whether Planning or Highways consent is required and whether the siting of such a seat would encroach onto the neighbours land (and if so to contact the owner).

This item to be added to the AGENDA for July.

9 . To receive Lengthsman’s Report. The Clerk to establish whether the following work can be done under the Lengthsman’s scheme.

Cutting grass at junction of Quarry Lane and B4221 to improve visibility
Cutting back at the Sugar Tump.

• To review the risk assessment for 2015/2016.

The Risk Assessment document was agreed and adopted.

11. Financial Matters and Authorisation of Payment of Accounts

IT WAS AGREED unanimously to pay the following invoices and the cheques were duly


Clerk £168–salary for June 2015 (less tax) plus £118.29 Expenses for June

DA Courtney Acting Minute Secretary: £100 June meeting plus additional hours

Lengthsman £284 – May 2015. Cheque to be signed and held

until invoice arrives.

Wye Valley Skips £216

• To receive an update on the new Website .

Progress is on-going and the Clerk to meet with William Hazelton for a specific update. A demo to be sent to Cllrs this week. The Council will seek grant aid for the provision of a new Website through Linda Wilcox

13. Planning Applications. The following new applications were received:

P151466/F – Plot at White House Farm, Gorsley. Variation to previous permission to allow the bungalow to be repositioned and alter the direction of the garage roof through 90 degrees in order to fit solar panels.

The Council raised no objection to this application.

P 151354/F – Lynders Wood, Upton Bishop.

The Council raised concern about the extent of the facilities planned and the nature of the equipment proposed. The level of protection and safety with regard to fencing were also raised. The Chairman to prepare a draft submission to the planning department. This will be copied to Cllrs in the first instance.

P151005/L & P151004/F – Land at Two Parks Farm, Linton. Proposed conversion of a redundant barn into a single purpose residential dwelling with associated parking and gardens.

The Council raised no objection to this application.

P151373/PA4 – Land at Great Woodend Farm, Linton.

The Council raised no objection to this application.

P151495/FH – Stonehaven, Quarry Lane: Proposed demolition of conservatory and erection of a two storey side extension. The Chairman said that we are awaiting clarification about permitted rights. The Council raised no objections to the application.

P151589/O – Proposed residential development for up to 36 dwellings, of which 35% will be affordable. on land situated between the B4221 and Lovers Walk, Gorsley

The Council intends to raise objections to the planning application and expect a public meeting to be called so that the plans can be thoroughly evaluated. Concern about the density of housing, the proposals for accessing the site and removal of surface water were raised.

14. Correspondence –FOR INFORMATION ONLY. A schedule of correspondence was circulated should any member wish to receive a full copy. The Code of Conduct needs to be amended with a change of date.

* Invite from CPRE re Neirbourhood Plan– CPRE

* Setting up Good Neighbour Scheme – Hereford Council

* Funding update link – Hereford Council

* Briefings for newly elected Cllrs – Hereford Council

* School Visit Safer Roads to School – Balfour Beatty

* LS Cllrs Weekly Reports – Balfour Beatty

* Weston under Penyard NP information – Weston under Penyard PC

An invitation to attend a meeting entitled ‘Introduction to the world of Hereford Parish Councils’ will be accepted by Ken Downham and Paul Crumpton. Clerk to confirm arrangements.

15. Chairman’s Announcements

The Chairman noted that the Probation Service have been twice to the Quarry since their previous recorded visit. They are happy to turn up on an ‘as and when’ basis to keep it clear. A good job is being done by them.

16 Councilors’ submissions

A meeting is being held on 23 rd and 24 th June regarding the 20mph scheme which is targeted for areas where road safety is of particular concern – schools etc., The Chairman and Cllr. Lucy Watkins to attend.

Vice Chairman Ken Downham expressed concern about some Western Red Cedars close to his property and has already written to his neighbours and the Council. It is estimated that the trees are now 70′ high. Cllr Downham is awaiting a reply from his neighbour and will, if necessary, take the matter up with the Clerk for the matter to be put formally to the Council.

17. Public Submissions:

Further to previous observations the Clerk to be asked to contact the Locality Steward about the perceived lack of substance to the fence at Revels Bridge.
It is noted that detour signs used at the road re-surfacing remain at the Sugar Tump. These to removed a.s.a.p.
Concern about the height of the hedge at the school was raised. The speed signs are obscured. The Clerk to arrange for these to be cut back if appropriate (possibly by the Lengthsman) or to alert the School (if it is their responsibility).
Visibility at junction 3 of the M50 still poor because of overgrown bushes/trees. The Locality Steward to be asked to follow this up.
It was reported that trees are dying/diseased on land near Mrs. Landray. The Chairman to speak to Brian Evans re this.

18. Date of Next Meeting

It was RESOLVED that the Council’s next meeting will be held on Monday 13 th July

in Linton Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.30 pm