Minutes 14th September 2015

Bromsash Gorsley and Linton
Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th September 2015
in Linton Village Hall at 7:30pm

Cllr Jean Foley- Chairman Cllr Ken Downham – Vice Chairman Cllr. John Watkins
Cllr. Jackie Gough
Cllr. Barry Clark
Cllr. Paul Crumpton

Acting Minute Secretary: Douglas Courtney.

10 Parishioners, the Locality Steward and the Public Footpaths Office (PFO)

Minute Item

1. Apologies
Cllr Lyn Bryan, Cllr. Max Gough and Cllr. Lucy Watkins gave their apologies. The PFO gave his apologies in advance for the next 3 meetings.

2. To record Declarations of Interest in items in the agenda
There were no declarations of interest.

3. Minutes of the Meeting Held on 10th August 2015
These were accepted and signed by the Chairman

4. To Receive the Clerk’s Report. All items in the Clerk’s Report are covered within the current Agenda.

5. To receive Allotments business and information and agree any actions.

It was RESOLVED to proceed with the purchase of stakes for the allotment to be supplied by John Watkins. Proposed by Cllr Barry Clark and seconded by Cllr Paul Crumpton.

6. To consider an initial response to proposed Community Governance Review (CGR) 2016/17
There was a mixed range of opinions into the merits for the enlargement, reduction or consolidation of Parishes. The Chairman to forward this to the local authority.
7. To receive an update on minor road defects and other reported issues and agree any actions.
• Cllr Crompton to seek an improved price for the provision of Smart Water to mark the assets held by the Parish Council.
• The White lines have been re-done at Sargents Lane/Woodend Lane crossroads.
• The Locality Steward has checked the 40mph sign by Gorsley Goff School and it now appears to be working correctly.
• Work has been completed to a culvert at the corner of Revells Lane & B4221
• The Fence at the motorway bridge has been considered adequate for purpose by the Highways Department.
• The M50 slip road from Ross to Newent. The Clerk has advised the Locality Steward about concerns held and of the recent accident and previous observations about the slip road in general.
• Village Gateways Update. Parish Councils who wish to join the scheme need to research and cost works (with help from Balfour Beatty) and submit to them for approval.

8. To consider quote for the refurbishment of benches and notice boards.
It was RESOLVED to ask Andy Clark to carry out the works. The Lengthsman to be asked to cut around the benches in advance of the refurbishment.

9. To receive Lengthsman’s Report.
It was noted that the Lengthsman had been away so additional works requested at the last meeting will be undertaken shortly. Concern about the amount of time being directed to rubbish clearance rather than grounds keeping was expressed. The ratio of work to monitored.

10. Financial Matters and Authorisation of Payment of Accounts
IT WAS AGREED unanimously to pay the following invoices and the cheques were duly signed

Lengthsman (September) – £284
Clerk: Salary (September) (less tax) – £184.80
Expenses for September – £22.74
DA Courtney Acting Minute Secretary – £70
Mole’s Services (Allotments) – £385.20

The Chairman commented that the Precept needed to be completed and submitted by the end of December 2015

11. Planning Applications. The following new applications were received:
• Lilly Hall, Darnells Lane, Provision of Solar Panels. No objections
P152392 Land adjacent to Forge House Re-submission of plans with reduced footprint. The Council raised no objections to this application and the Chairman will ask the Clerk to advise the Planning Department.

12. Correspondence.
A schedule of correspondence was made available by the Clerk and Cllrs to request email copies.
13. Chairman’s Announcements
• The Chairman reported a request for common land to be cleared at the bottom of Quarry Lane. It was agreed that sufficient clearance had been made by the Lengthsman.
• The Chairman reported the retirement of the longstanding trustees of the Poor’s Piece Charity, Mr Edward Vines and Mr Peter Farrington. The Parish Council would like to thank them for their care and diligent undertaking of the work of the charity over so many years. The Council were also happy to support and approve their suggestion of Mrs Sue Goulding and Mr Roger Barnes as the new trustees. The Clerk will advise the Charity Commission.
• The Chairman noted the letter of thanks from the Citizens Advice Bureau for the donation of £50.
• Further copies of the election household enquiry forms were made available to all those in attendance.

14. Councillors’ submissions, including Village Events.
The Vice Chairman reported that the Linton Fete had been very good and a profit of £1500 had resulted.

15. Public Submissions:
• A member of the public registered her disgust at the cladding which had been applied to Rose Cottage.
• Another member of the public requested further action to cut back hedge and tree growth. Cllr Watkins to meet with the person at a mutually convenient time to assess the situation.
• Jan Falkiner reminded members that the Priorities and Budget Consultations deadline is 9th October. Serious concern about the impact of closing the Ross and Leominster Library was stressed. It was noted that a Roadshow was planned to be in Ross on Thursday 24th September.
Members and the public were given the opportunity to sign a petition which was circulated in support of retaining the Library Service in Ross.

16. Date of Next Meeting
It was RESOLVED that the Council’s next meeting will be held on Monday 12th
October in Gorsley Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.10