Minutes 13th April 2015

Linton Parish Council
Bromsash Gorsley and Linton
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 13th April 2015 at 7.30 pm in Gorsley Village Hall


Cllr Jean Foley – Chairman

Cllr Ken Downham – Vice Chairman

Cllr Lyn Bryan

Cllr Barry Clark

Cllr Jackie Gough

Cllr Max Gough

Clerk: Rosie Clark

7 Parishioners and Balfour Beatty Locality Steward – Kevin Williams

• To accept apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Cllr Luci Watkins, Cllr John Watkins and Cllr Andi Jones.

• To record Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda
There were no Declarations of Interest.

• To approve the Minutes of Council meeting held on 9 th March 2015

The Minutes were accepted and signed, subject to one amendment in item 1; apologies had also been received from Cllr Andi Jones.

• To receive a report from the Clerk on actions requested in the minutes dated 9 th March 2015, not covered elsewhere in the agenda – FOR INFORMATION ONLY

• The response to the consultation on Planning for Local Transport in Gloucestershire had been sent and copied to Cllr Bramer and Cllr Rone. Cllr Bramer had replied supporting the comments made.

• Election nomination papers had been submitted and verified by Hereford Council and confirmation that 8 Councillors were standing for election had been received.

• To receive Allotments business and information and agree any actions

Cllr Max Gough gave an update on the allotments – 4 plots had recently become vacant, 2 had been re-allocated and a further plot was being offered, all in accordance with the waiting list. It was agreed to advertise the remaining plot in the Chimes. He also attended an informal meeting organised by the allotment association on 26 th March, there was some discussion on the condition/cultivation of plots and he clarified that it was acceptable for part of a plot to be kept as mown grass, provided it was maintained. Cllr Gough also said the parish council had offered to provide a skip at the allotments to assist with having a tidy up and getting rid of rubbish, this was felt to be a good idea and it was agreed that the best time would be May, Chris Stacey to confirm dates to the clerk ( Agreed ). Following discussion about increasing the height of the rabbit proof fence and the likely costs, the allotment holders confirmed there was no immediate issue with rabbits and therefore no need to increase the fence height at this time, however replacing the existing rotten fence posts and undertaking maintenance on some of the pedestrian gates would be worthwhile. A maintenance programme to be put together to reflect the tasks the parish council would undertake during the year, including maintaining the grassed areas, cutting brambles and hedges and weed control around the rabbit proof fence. It was agreed to put up a ‘Gorsley Allotments’ sign and to display the address and postcode to assist in the event of an emergency; Clerk to obtain quotes. The Allotments Association will be arranging a BBQ at the allotments in July.

• To receive an update on minor road defects & other reported issues and agree any actions
The Chairman advised the white lines at Bromsash crossroads had been renewed and the ‘Give way’ sign at the junction of Revells Lane and B4221 had been replaced. The Locality Steward confirmed the resurfacing of the road in Linton Village and Linton Ridge later in the month. The renewal of white lines at Sargents Lane and Cothars Lane was reiterated as a safety issue and Bob Haynes (Safer Roads Partnership) had also highlighted this as an issue.

• To receive Lengthsman’s Report and agree any additional works required
No Lengthsman’s report had been received .

• Financial Matters: To approve payments

The following Cheques were approved for payment :

Clerk: Salary (April) (less tax) – £210 Welsh Water (Allotments) – £18.86

Expenses for April – £57.86 HMRC – £157.60

The Lengthsman’s cheque for April (£284) was signed and it was agreed to hold it pending receipt of his report and

Email confirmation of approval by Cllrs.

• To consider and comment on planning applications

P150711/FH – Talbot Cottage, The Line, Linton. Proposed two storey and single storey extensions and removal of existing garage – the Parish Council had no objection to this application.

Planning Applications Status :

P150298/U – The Firs, Steelworks Lane, Gorsley. Certificate of lawfulness for existing use of land & buildings for the storage & distribution, repair and manufacture of timber pallets – Approved.

• To receive an update on the Parish Council Website

A quote of £300 had been received to provide a website along similar lines to the one already approved by the parish council, if approved the new website could be up and running by the end May. It was agreed to go ahead with the website and, following discussion, it was agreed that the clerk would be responsible for maintaining it, keeping a note of the hours taken for review after 3 to 6 months.

• To receive Correspondence – FOR INFORMATION ONLY

Correspondence e-mailed to Councillors in advance of the meeting:

• Letter re HGVs on B4222 & introduction of a 7.5T weight limit – G&KPC

• NW updates – Neighbourhood Watch

• Locality Steward Weekly Report; Resurfacing works Linton – Balfour Beatty

• Herefordshire Core Strategy – modifications; various emails – Hereford Council

• Election nomination forms; various emails

• Response to LTP Planning for local transport in Gloucestershire

Councillors also received a list of routine emails that were not automatically forwarded to them, if they required further details of these they would annotate the list and return it to the clerk to action.

• Chairman’s Announcements

The Probation Service would be working to clear the quarry again on 2 nd May. The Annual Parish Meeting was being held on 20 th April in Gorsley Village Hall.

• Councillors’ Submissions, including Village Events

Flicks in the Sticks on Thurs 12 th March; a quiz at the Alma on the last Sunday of every month and a folk group on 24 th March in Linton Village Hall.

• To receive Public Submissions

Concerns were raised about comments submitted by the parish council in support of the planning application at Hartleton Farm. In particular reference to “ providing no further housing or holiday lets are built in this valley”. Following discussion around this being unfair on other landowners it was clarified that Herefordshire Council would not be able to put such a restriction on other landowners applying for planning permission, as each application would be considered on its merits. However the comments demonstrated the concerns of the parish council about the need for removal of the extant planning permission on Hartleton Farm and that no further development should be allowed there.

• To confirm date of the next meeting as Tuesday 12 th May 2015 in Linton Village Hall

The date of the next meeting was confirmed.

Meeting ended at 8.55 Signed By The Chairman