Minutes 12th October 2015

Bromsash Gorsley and Linton
Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th October 2105 2015 in Gorsley Village Hall at 7:30pm

Cllr Jean Foley- Chairman
Cllr Ken Downham – Vice Chairman
Cllr. John Watkins Cllr Max Gough
Cllr. Jackie Gough Cllr Lyn Bryan
Cllr. Barry Clark
Cllr. Paul Crumpton

Acting Minute Secretary: Douglas Courtney

6 Parishioners and Locality Steward

Minute Item

1. Apologies
Cllr. Lucy Watkins and the PFO.

2. Declarations of Interest
There were no declarations of interest.

3. Minutes of the Meeting Held on 14th September 2015
These were accepted and signed by the Chairman

4. To Receive the Clerk’s Report.
All items in the Clerk’s Report are covered within the current Agenda.

5. To receive Allotments business and information and agree any actions.
The staking has been completed and an additional 5 stakes were used but the contractor absorbed these costs. The boundary hedge to the lane has been cut.

6. To agree the Transparency Fund Application Form.
The Clerk has received a training session and the Website will be debated again at the November meeting. It was agreed that LPC will apply for government funding as it has not got an active website. It was agreed to purchase an Acer Aspire ES1-531 computer as part of the grant application.

7. To consider a request to place a new Geocache at Talbots Well.
It was agreed that a new Geocache could be placed at Talbots Well. The Clerk to liaise with the enquirer.

8. To receive an update on minor road defects and other reported issues and agree any actions.
• The replacement bench has been delivered and will be fitted by the Lengthsman. The landowner is happy for it to be sited providing the works do not compromise the integrity of the stock fencing.
• A guide cost of £700 per gate for a suggested ‘village gateway’, which would be the responsibility of the Parish, was noted but will not be pursued.
• Other road defects highlighted in the schedule by the Clerk were duly reported.

9. To receive Lengthsman’s Report.
It was agreed that the Lengthsman should be invited to attend the next meeting of the Council to update it on general issues. There is a requirement for a pipe to be cleared on the Burton’s Mill to Bromsash road. The culverts in this area would be the responsibility of the Highways Authority.

10. Financial Matters and Authorisation of Payment of Accounts
IT WAS AGREED unanimously to pay the following invoices and cheques were duly signed

Lengthsman (October) – £284 on hold pending clarification on dates
Clerk: Salary (October) (less tax) – £168
Expenses for October – £15
DA Courtney Acting Minute Secretary – £70
Glasdon (replacement seat) – £491.65
Dudley Fencing (replacement stakes – £351.60
at allotments)
Water Rates – £90.31
HMRC – £130.20
Chairman’s Allowance – £13 (gratuity for local auditor)

11. Planning Applications. The following information was received:

• P151982/FH – Yew Tree Cottage, Sargents Lane Kilcot. Proposed single storey rear extension – Approved with conditions
• P151988/F East View, Bromsash. Proposed demolition of existing garage, construction of new dwelling. Minor alteration works to existing dwelling- Application Withdrawn.
12. Correspondence.
The Clerk to make a schedule of correspondence available. Cllrs may request email copies.
A request for a grant from Ross on Wye Citizens Advice Bureau was tabled. It was RESOLVED that no grant would be made as a grant had been agreed in August for the Hereford CAB. It was suggested that a new application from Ross on Wye CAB would be considered for 2016.
A suggestion that the CAB use more local, low cost, village halls etc might help to improve its viability.
13. Chairman’s Announcements
The Chairman sought a representative to attend the Remembrance Sunday Service and to lay a wreath on behalf of the Council. Cllr. Jackie Gough offered to undertake this.

14. Councilors’ submissions.
There were no submissions from Councillors

15. Public Submissions:
• Concern about an abandoned car at the junction of Manse Lane was made. The Council could take no action as it is being dealt with by the police.
• The hedge at Ivy House has still not been cut. The Locality Steward is aware of this.
• It was agreed to write to Herefordshire Council about a dilapidated house in Quarry Lane which if restored could help with the local housing needs.
• The widening of a gateway in Sargents Lane was noted at Lilly Hall. HCC to be asked about any rules and regulations which might be pertinent.

16. Date of Next Meeting
It was RESOLVED that the Council’s next meeting will be held on Monday 9th November
in Linton Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.05