Minutes 11th July 2016

Linton Parish Council
Bromsash Gorsley and Linton
Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 11th July 2016 at 7.30 pm in Linton Village Hall


Cllr Jean Foley – Chairman

Cllr Ken Downham – Vice Chairman

Cllr Lyn Bryan Cllr Barry Clark

Cllr Paul Crumpton Cllr Jackie Gough

Clerk: Rosie Clark 6 Parishioners

Brian Evans of Lynders Wood introduced himself and expressed his gratitude to the parish council for their help in opposing the application for an archery course in Lynders Wood. In particular, the Chairman for her help and advice and also the Vice Chairman. He appreciated the support he had received and wanted to publicly thank the parish council. The main objection had been on Health & Safety grounds as Brian had foam target animals 5 yds. from his boundary. The Chairman thanked him saying it was good to receive positive feedback.

1. To receive apologies for absence
Cllr Max Gough, and Cllr John Watkins.

2. To record Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda

3. To approve the Minutes of Council meeting held on 9th May 2016 and 13th June 2016
Minutes were accepted and signed by the Chairman. The Chairman gave notice of her intention to resign from the Parish Council as Chairman and Councillor, this would be her last meeting. Both her and her husband had troubling health issues and although sorry to leave, having served on the parish council for 20 years, she felt that now was the right time. Councillors and parishioners said they were sorry she was leaving and that she had served the community well over the years. Cllr Downham confirmed he would be stepping down after the meeting in August.

4. To receive a report from the Clerk on actions requested in the minutes dated 9th May 2016, not covered elsewhere in the agenda – FOR INFORMATION ONLY

All items covered within the Agenda.

5. To receive a report from the Parish Paths Officer
Nothing to report

6. To receive Allotments business and information and agree any actions

· allotment holders to be notified that spraying taking place, no fixed date as dependent on the weather

· The pest control company suggested actions to control the rabbits: repair holes in the fence; build up the ground to the bottom of the pedestrian gates to ensure no gaps and spraying the weeds around the perimeter. They would advise on other options if there were ongoing issues after the remedial works were completed.

· Two allotment holders had volunteered to undertake some of the above works with the parish council providing materials, Cllrs were grateful for their offer.

7. To receive an update on minor road defects and other reported issues, including latest update on reduction in the speed limit by Gorsley Goff’s School and introduction of village gateway and agree actions

The Chairman gave a précis of an email from Balfour Beatty indicating that a reduction in speed to 30mph was unlikely following the speed data collection on the B4221 and suggesting the parish council look at the possibility of installing a village gateway. The Chairman clarified that although Balfour Beatty were referring to 30mph, the parish council had been working towards the introduction of a 20mph speed limit for many years. There was discussion about the effectiveness of village gateways, local examples and the cost of possible options such as rumble strips and countdown markers to the change in speed limit. Clerk to contact Balfour Beatty to obtain more detailed information; Overgrown verges on both sides of the M50 slip roads, to the B4221, reported to Herefordshire Council for cutting back on safety grounds; Overgrown hedges/vegetation had been cut back at Bromsash crossroads to maintain visibility; Smart Water marking – Cllr Crumpton explained that costs were more than first thought as the

Parish Council would be considered a ‘commercial’ user and therefore an annual fee would be payable. He would seek clarification; Potholes in Burrup’s Lane have not been marked up, Locality Steward to be advised

8. To receive Lengthsman’s Report, agree any additional works required

Report unavailable for the meeting, Clerk to scan and email to Councillors the following day.

9. To approve the Lengthsman’s Risk Assessment for 2016/17.

The Risk Assessment was approved.

10. To review Standing Orders including Financial Standing Orders
Standing orders to be considered at the next meeting to allow Cllrs to review amendments recently issued by the National Association of Local Councils.

11. To review Risk Assessment and Asset Register for 2016/2017
The Parish Council Risk Assessment and Asset Register were reviewed and agreed and the Risk Assessment signed by the Chairman. The Asset Register to be amended to reflect the agreed additions and signed at the August meeting.

12. Financial Matters: To approve payments

It was agreed all Cllrs would complete the necessary paperwork to become cheque signatories. A reduction in annual website hosting fees was agreed.

Clerk Salary (July) £268.80

Expenses (July) £12.06

Website Hosting £111.60

The Lengthsman’s invoice for July and HMRC quarterly payment were approved by Cllrs via email and payments authorised and processed.

Lengthsman (July) £284

HMRC – quarterly tax Clerk £167.80

13. To consider and comment on planning applications

P161992 Linton Village Hall, Linton – removal of an apple tree. Supported by the Parish Council.

P161820 The Barn at Oakland, Blindmans Gate, Gorsley – change of use to residential curtilage including boundary treatments, new wood shed, additional rooflight and internal layout modifications (Retrospective). No Comments.


P153550 Rose Cottage, Gorsley – proposed construction of a 3 bedroom detached house. Approved subject to conditions.

14. To receive Correspondence – FOR INFORMATION ONLY

As emailed.

15. Chairman’s Announcements


16. Councillors’ Submissions, including Village Events
Cllr Clark advised he would be unable to attend Gorsley Village Hall meetings as parish council representative as he was unavailable on Tuesday evenings when the meetings were held. Cllrs to consider who would liaise on behalf of the parish council.

17. To receive Public Submissions

Concerns were expressed that the position of the temporary fence/entrance at the Pound had not been resolved and that the entrance to Hillcrest would be closed up once building works completed.

18. To confirm the date of next meeting scheduled for Monday 8th August in Gorsley Village Hall

The date of the next meeting was confirmed.

19. Employment matters – It is likely that a resolution be passed to exclude the public because of the employment nature of the business to be discussed

The public was not excluded during the discussion of this item. A copy of the HALC services leaflet had been forwarded to Cllrs in advance of the meeting. Following discussion, it was agreed that Cllrs would manage the recruitment process for the replacement Clerk and meet to make the arrangements as soon as possible and, if timescales allowed, the outcome to be confirmed at the August meeting.