Minutes 10th July 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Council
On Monday 10th July 2017
At Linton Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Chairman Cllr M Gough; Vice Chairman Cllr P Crumpton; Cllr A Ferraby; Cllr J Gough; Cllr J Watkins; Cllr L Watkins
In attendance: Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm, Locality Steward – Kevin Williams, 12 Parishioners.

1. Apologies for absence: Ward Cllr Harry Bramer; Lengthsman Wayne Reed.

2. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: None.

3. Co-option of new members to fill current vacancies: None

4. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 12th June 2017. It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of the Parish Council meeting as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

5. Clerk’s report – no matters arising.

6. Ward Councillor’s report – Cllr Bramer sent his apologies due to ill health. His written report was read to the meeting. Ward Cllr Bramer has undertaken to join September meeting.

Cllr Crumpton expressed his disappointment that the Ward Councillor had been unable to attend and thanked him for his report on County-wide activities, though it was disappointing that issues and activities in the Penyard Ward were not covered. He looks forward to Cllr Bramer’s visit in September with updates on local issues.

7. Allotments –

a. Update on renewals and vacant plots. Plot no’s 22 and ½ of plot 5 vacant. Vacancy advert omitted from Chimes summer issue. Payment outstanding on plot 7 all others paid up.

b. Repair work required following meeting of Cllr M Gough with Chris Stacey at Allotments and action as follows:

a. Quotes obtained for strimming & and clearing weeds, brambles etc., from perimeter fencing to include hand weeding or spraying along fence to avoid damage and clear vacant plot 22 – Meadow View Landscapes £760 Chris Hyett £770. It was agreed to ask for further estimates.

b. Holders of plots 17 & 10 asked to keep weeds under control had responded to letter.

c. Quote from Dudley Fencing for replacement of entrance 5-bar gate post on left received at £178 for timber and £195 for metal. It was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the metal option.

d. New tap and extension – Cllr G Gough undertook to oversee.

c. Request for use of hand-held hose pipes was considered with the terms to be: use of watering cans to be promoted; hoses may be used but only hand held and attended; no sprinklers (unattended use); use of hoses to be restricted to hours between 17:00 and 09:00 (no other times); hoses to continue to be allowed to fill water butts. It was noted that the metered water costs for 2015 were £109 and 2016 £149 per annum. It was RESOLVED unanimously to agree to the proposal, subject to review of costs at each half yearly interval.

8. Locality Steward & highways matters

a. KW provided a quick summary of works undertaken and provided the telephone number of the Highways department responsible for ensuring visibility maintained at M50 Junction 3. (0300 123 5000). Parishioners are encouraged to use this number to report the problem.

b. Ditches were again confirmed as the land owners/riparian owner’s responsibility. Where water flows into private drives/land action should be taken by landowner to divert the flow.

c. Visibility at Bromsash – KW confirmed that owners of unclipped hedges will be contacted to take action if names & address is supplied via Clerk. It was noted a shrub on right as exit crossroads from Bolitree direction required clipping. Also base of Leylandii hedge.

Cllr Crumpton asked if a mirror could be erected; concern was expressed that this could cause blinding glare from sun and measures to allow this involve application via TRO which takes many months/years and costs between £5k and £10k

Introduction of a Chicane would prevent large farm machinery from passing and therefore not possible.

The stop sign and white lines are in poor repair and KW undertook to investigate.

d. Hedges – KW confirmed that he will contact landowners if provided details via the Clerk. Several requests had been acted upon and remedial action had been taken.

e. Double white lines on B4221- KW confirmed that a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) would be required. Costing up to £8k (before painting costs) and up to 2 years there is no guarantee that Government approval would be granted.

9. Lengthsman

a. Report of works undertaken was reviewed and agreed. It was noted that all general grass maintenance was achieved together with clearance of Quarry car park and area. Further coppicing work needed in winter.

b. Clerk confirmed that Mrs Landray had responded to a letter asking for action to remove oak log on Woodend Lane. Clerk to obtain Hi-Viz tape to apply to the log to bring to attention of vehicles.

c. Lengthsman to be asked to quote for allotments clearance as separate job

10. Risk Assessment & Asset Register

Risk assessment amended to include periodic Tree Survey. It was RESOLVED to accept and sign the register

Asset Register – it was RESOLVED to sign the Asset Register. Residual value of the Linton Village hall was explained as the remaining value of a trust deed if all other beneficiaries failed and it was noted that the Parish Council in this instance is a Custodial Trustee.

11. Financial Matters

a) Receipts & Expenses for the year to date were presented along with budget progress summary. It was RESOLVED to pay Wayne Reed, Lengthsman for 2 months £568.00 and Elizabeth Malcolm Clerk for salary £259.08, mileage £28.35 and postage 4.21 totalling £291.64.

b) Internal Auditors report

i) It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the internally audited accounts 2016/17

ii) It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the annual accounting statement 2016/17

iii) It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the annual governance statement 2016/17

c) Consideration of Business Bank Instant account deferred to a later meeting

12. Planning

a) New applications:

172243 Land adjacent to Ivylea House, Bromsash: Variation to conditions to approved application no 162456. Details of the application were discussed and it was RESOLVED to object to this application with the following comments-

– The greatly enlarged 3-car garage now includes a window on the gable end from an office on the first floor which directly overlooks the house opposite denying them privacy.

– The enlargement is disproportionate and appears to have increased the footprint of plot 1 by over 50% and plot 2 to a similar degree.

– With a study and a large office over the garage there is some indication that a business will be undertaken from the premises which is likely to increase traffic in the vicinity. The Parish Council asks that the applicant clarify their intentions.

– Bromsash crossroads is a dangerous road junction with severely limited visibility and any increase in traffic movement in the area will increase the dangers.

– The original approval was for only one entrance to the development and the Council believes that it is essential this limit be retained to preserve some additional safety to traffic at this junction.

171840 Darnells Farm, Linton: proposal for 4 glamping units. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED to return no objection to this proposal but clarification of toilet arrangements and confirmation that no new or additional facilities are to be built.

171406 Smiths Cottage, Gorsley REVISED application. It was RESOLVED to return no objection.

171997 1 Brick House, Gorsley extension of garage roof for PV panels. It was RESOLVED to return no objection.

b) Applications decided

171509 Jays Green Meadow, Gorsley – it was noted that this application had been granted approval.

c) Rural Area Site Allocation DPD – Clerk advised that the last consultation meeting at Much Dewchurch open to all Parishioners taking place on 11th July. Details also available on the Linton PC website.

[NB numbering on agenda repeated in error.]

12B Neighbourhood watch – it was RESOLVED to thank the GDPG for their offer of funding towards the maintenance of an NW scheme by the Parish Council but in the light of the withdrawal of all Government funding to NW Association the Council felt the sum of £138.46 should be forwarded to the central Association.

13 Post Office notice of temporary closure of Gorsley Post office. It was noted that closure of the shop had now been confirmed by proprietors Mr & Mrs Martin. A request was made that the Parish Council call an open public meeting to consider measures for alternative Post Office services provision. It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would support any independent group but does not currently have the resources to lead such a group.

14 Correspondence received – none

15. Chairman’s Announcements – none

16 Councillors Submissions – none

17 Public Submissions –

Jean Foley asked that the PC place edited version the minutes of Parish Council meetings in The Chimes. The Clerk advised that all agenda and minutes of meetings are published in full on the PC website. It was agreed that some report would be prepared for the Chimes and acknowledged that the information would often be several months out of date.

18 Next meeting to take place on Monday 14th August at GORSLEY Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 22:10.