Minutes 10th April 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Council
On Monday 10th April 2017
At Gorsley Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Chairman Cllr M Gough, Vice Chairman Cllr P Crumpton; Cllr A Ferraby; Cllr J Gough; Cllr J Watkins; Cllr L Watkins

In attendance: Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm, Richard Baker past Footpaths Office; 6 Parishioners.

1. Apologies for absence: None
2. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests:
Cllr L Watkins declared an interest in Item 10 a i and Cllr Ferraby declared an interest in item 10 b ii.
3. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 13th March 2017. It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of the Group Parish Council meeting held on 13/03/17 as a true and accurate record of the meeting. Attached to the minutes are written confirmation of 2 Councillors’ agreement to all resolutions made at the meeting for quorate agreement.
4. Clerk’s report – Western Distribution seek approval to remove saplings in hedge at footpath LTR20 beside allotments, to protect power lines. It was RESOLVED unanimously to appro this.
All other matters covered in agenda.
5. Locality Steward’s report –
a. Report on activity – as summary of Steward’s weekly reports for Penyard ward was circulated. Some confusion as to location of activities and it was felt that including the name of Parish/village would be helpful. Clerk to raise with Locality Steward.
b. Fording Lane – No comment received yet on repairs to road and ditch at Fording Lane. Clerk to bring to Steward’s attention
c. It was noted that Mr Arrowsmith had asked information on the ownership and responsibility for lane/access road behind Linton Church. BBL have confirmed this as unadopted road and therefore rights of access and ownership are likely to be set out in deeds of houses adjacent.
d. A Parishioner notified the meeting of a pothole 12” x 17” x 4” outside Linton Cottage on Manse Lane.

6. Lengthmans Report
a. Monthly report and invoice were received and it was noted that Litter collection had been the main work for the month. Work to ditches at Burrups Lane, Jays Green and Woodend Land had not been undertaken as Lengthsman has been instructed not to undertake ditch work. It was RESOLVED that all future ditch clearance requests would first be submitted to the Locality Steward to investigate nature and responsibility for action.
b. Removal of stump from Woodend Lane – Cllr J Watkins reported that he had asked Mr Graham Chapman of Darnells Farm to advise if this was opposite his land. Further feedback awaited.

7. Footpath Officer’s report – Incoming Footpath Officer Cllr Adam Ferraby and outgoing Footpath Officer Richard Baker reported that they had met to discuss the role and would be meeting again to walk some of the paths later in the week.
• It was noted that LTR38 by the Pound in wood is in poor state. Mr Peter Ferrington, landowner to be contacted.
• Path by Eastcliffe on Linton Ridge now open but unpassable. Update on progress to be made at next meeting.
• Cllr Ferraby asked if he could purchase a litter-pick stick to use on footpath inspections. This was agreed and several attendees offered to provide the equipment. It was unanimously RESOLVED that a picker should be purchased if a loan was not available.

8. Allotments
Repairs to the fence have been completed by Mr W Gooch.
Clerk to issue renewal forms to allotments holders at earliest opportunity.

9. Financial Matters
a. The bank balance at 30/03/17 £10,770.53
b. It was noted that no income had been received in the period since the last meeting
c. It was RESOLVED to pay invoices:
• W N Gooch – repairs to Allotments fence £96.00 incl vat
• Linton Village Hall – meetings in 2016/17 including APM in large room and additional meeting in April ’16 £83.00
• Wayne Reed, Lengthsman £284.00
• Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerks salary £259.08
• Dwr Cymru Cyf – water rates for Allotments £24.89
d. Internal audit – it was RESOLVED unanimously that HALC would be asked to provide services to undertake necessary audit at a price between £120 and £150 as no local volunteer had been found.

10. Planning
a. The meeting considered the following planning applications:
I. 171006 4 Sundale, Gorsley. Alterations and extension and replacement of oil storage tank, It was RESOLVED to return No Objection to this application . Cllr L Watkins abstained from discussion & vote.
II. 171125 Mill Cottage, Gorsley. Demolition of conservatory and erection of rear extension to add 2 new double bedrooms and new dining / living area to existing cottage. It was RESOLVED to return No Objection to this application.

b. The meeting considered planning application decisions received:
i. 170460 – Silver Birches, Gorsley, HR9 7SJ. Alterations and extension to dwelling and creation of a terrace, steps and a ramp. It was noted that this application has been approved with standard conditions.
ii. 163343 Land off Chapel Lane, Gorsley. 7 dwellings. It was noted that this application has been approved with substantial extra conditions, including requirements to ensure road access and parking is completed before building work. Cllr Ferraby abstained from discussion and vote.

11. Gorsley Goffs – Cllr L Watkins confirmed that she has spoken to the Head, who has confirmed that parents have been reminded not to break the speed limit. The Head is also considering the visibility issue caused by high hedge. The meeting felt that the safety benefit of a hedge to prevent accidental damage to play area by cars needed to be balanced by the height which obscures view.
Faulty speed warning sign before the school – it was RESOLVED to bring to the attention of Locality Steward as this does not seem to accurately the rate of travel.

12. Motorbike noise. The Clerk confirmed that in response to a complaint from a Parishioner about recreational use of motorbikes on private land causing noise nuisance, the matter has been brought to the attention of the HCC Environmental Health Officers who confirm they will investigate. Panning Enforcement Officer has also been advised.

13. Correspondence received:
a. Neighbourhood Watch alerts. The Parish Council had been asked if they could undertake the distribution of alerts to Parishioners following the closing of Gorsley & District Preservation Society. The Clerk advised that there is no emailing list for Parishioners and the website does not have RSS feed and the Council is not therefore able to distribute the alerts.
It was RESOVED that Parishioners should be encouraged to subscribe to the West Mercia Police website Community Messaging service and this provides regular updates from Police direct to individuals email. Details to be provided on Linton PC Website. Action Clerk
b. Code of Conduct draft amendments from Herefordshire Council. The Council is recommending amendments which will broaden the range of interests to be declared by Councillors and make mandatory a Councillor leaving the meeting room during discussion of any item they have declared an interest. The information was noted.

14. Annual Parish Meeting – confirmed for Monday 24th April 2017, taking place at Linton Village Hall from 7:30pm. The Clerk has posted information on noticeboards, circulated to local organisations and individuals. All Parishioners are warmly welcomed to attend.
Gorsley Gardening club recorded their apologies as the date coincides with their AGM.

15. Chairman’s announcements: None.

16. Councillors Submissions: Cllr Crumpton reported on discussion with Regional Director of NFU who have identified Flytipping as a major problem and expense to the County.
A dumpy bag of rubble has been left near Lynders – Clerk to advise BBL.

17. Public Submissions: Parishioners felt that the road markings in Herefordshire side of Gorsley are in poor state. Clerk to advise BBL of concerns.

18. Date of next meeting: Monday 8th May 2017 at Linton Village Hall

The meeting ended at 08:30pm.