Minutes 9th July 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council
On Monday 9th July 2018
At Linton Village Hall at 19:30

 Present: Cllr P Crumpton (Chairman); Cllr B Clark; Cllr M Gough; Cllr J Gough; Cllr A Reeves (Vice Chairman); Cllr L Watkins;

In attendance: Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm. 5 members of public.

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr A Ferraby; Cllr N Jones; Cllr S Morley

2. Co-options: None.

3. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: None

4. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 11th June 2018 it was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of the meeting as a true and accurate record.

5. Clerk’s Report – The Clerk’s report for the month was presented. In discussion arising it was agreed to contact Kilcot & Gorsley PC to investigate shared Speed Watch scheme.

6. Planning

a. Applications received

i. 182208 Oakridge Gorsley – proposed car port. Following discussion it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection and comments.
ii. 182246 Croomshill, Linton – proposed extensions and alterations. Following discussion it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection and comments.

b. Applications decided since last meeting

i. 181602 Land to the east of The Old Post Office, Gorsley – erection of 2 dwellings: Refused This was noted.
ii. 181686 Land adjacent Ivylea House, Bromsash – amendments to design of plot 1: Refused. This was noted and the Chairman thanked Cllr Reeves for work in preparing comments to Planning office.

7. Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Watkins reported on the first of two drop-in days held at Linton Village Hall on 23rd June.

8. Post Office & Shop – the Clerk reported that the opening day is now set for 1st September 2018. Advice on signage had been sought and the Locality Steward had provided information.

9. Allotments

a. The Clerk advised only one plot with outstanding rent. Some work undertaken by holders of plots 19 & 24 and 10 & 17 to clear, but not adequate.
b. Cllr Reeves proposed and Cllr M Gough seconded a proposal to accept Chris Hyatt’s quote of £325 to clear perimeter and it was RESOLVED by majority to accept (1 against, 3 in favour, 2 abstained)
c. Management plan – Cllr Crumpton agreed to meet with Allotment holders for discussions.

10. Finance

a. Report on receipts & payments and progress against budget was received and a copy is attached to these minutes. Cllr Reeve provided a summary of NDP expenditure.
b. It was RESOLVED to approve payments: Hoople Ltd – NDP Maps £248.40; Pip Printing – NDP Maps print & laminate £171.92; Wayne Reed – Lengthsmans monthly £284.00; Elizabeth Malcolm – Clerk salary & expenses £332.34; Flying Colours – NDP Printing flyers £71.60; Anneliese Appleby – NDP Logo £80.00. It was noted that the fee for E Malcolm / Easyspace – Web domain fee was £111.24 and not £107.64 as stated on agenda.
c. It was RESOLVED unanimously to ask Cllr Clark to be a signatory to the bank account.

11. Locality Steward and highways matters: weekly reports of activity in the Penyard Ward were noted.

12. Lengthsman

a. Lengthsman’s report was considered and noted. The Clerk was asked to bring a draft contract and full job schedule to the next meeting.
b. Contract with Herefordshire Council – it was decided to review the contract and return with sections deleted.

13. Footpaths

a. Footpath Officer report – Cllr Gough provided a full report on the paths in his section. Map and schedule of paths was circulated for Cllr Reeves & Cllr Crumpton to mart their section. Clerk to seek volunteers to ‘adopt a footpath’ in the next issue of The Chimes.
b. The Clerk reported on meeting for PFO and Clerks with Balfour Beatty.

14. Public Submissions

• It was pointed out that the Pre-school group at Gorsley Village Hall is to close.
• A pothole beside barns at Linton/Bromsash lane beyond Burton Mill to be reported to BBL
• The school sign on B4221 is obscured by overgrowth which needs clearing.

15. Chairman & Councillors’ submissions –

• Woodend Lane has a leaking water main to be reported to be reported
• GDPR to be a standing item on agenda
• Care of the SSSI Linton Quarry to be investigated including call for volunteers in The Chimes.

16. Date of next meeting – the Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday 13th August at Gorsley Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting ended at 21:15