Minutes 14th May 2018

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council
On Monday 14th May 2018
At Linton Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Cllr M Gough; Cllr P Crumpton; Cllr B Clark; Cllr A Ferraby; Cllr J Gough; Cllr N Jones; Cllr S Morley; Cllr A Reeves; Cllr L Watkins;

In attendance: Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm. 9 members of public.

1. Election of Chairman – Cllr Jones proposed and Cllr Morley seconded and it was RESOLVED by majority (with one abstention) to elect Cllr Crumpton as Chairman.

2. Election of Vice Chairman – Cllr Morley proposed and Cllr Jones seconded and it was unanimously RESOLVED to elect Cllr Reeves as Vice Chairman.

3. To fix the amount of the Chairman’s Allowance – the Chairman waived this item.

4. Apologies for absence: None

5. Co-options: None. Cllr Crumpton thanked Cllr Gough for his work as Chairman of the Council.

6. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests:

a. Cllr Ferraby declared a pecuniary interest in item 15 a i
b. Cllrs were reminded of their responsibility to register any change in their registered interests.

7. Appointments

a. Footpaths officer: Following discussion it was agreed that Councillors would look at the Footpaths map and consider if the work of PFO could be shared thereby allowing Cllr Ferraby to concentrate on Gorsley.
b. Other officers: It was noted that Cllr Jones was liaising with Lengthsman and Clerk on roads matters.
c. Other organisations: discussed the possibility of Village Hall committee members joining the Parish Council and vice versa. Councillors to discuss with committees.

8. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 9th April 2018 it was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of the meeting as a true and accurate record.

9. Clerk’s Report – The Clerk’s report for the month was presented.

10. Locality Steward and highways matters

a. Weekly reports: Noted.
b. Gritting on lanes around Gorsley Geoffs School – the Clerk reported that the school must liaise with Balfour Beatty on this matter.
c. Safety and road damage from Pallet business- It was agreed to that the Clerk should contact the Fire Safety team to ensure no hazard.

11. Lengthsman

a. Lengthsman’s report was considered. Lengthsman’s proposal to spray the weeds on carpark at Quarry must ensure that he has the appropriate qualifications. He had further proposed some work on the A and B roads and it was agreed to check that he is insured for work in this area. Tree from hedge at Shutton Cross to be reviewed with Cllr Jones.
b. Contract with Herefordshire Council – copies were taken by Cllr Gough and Cllr Crumpton for review.

12. Footpaths – Cllr Ferraby reported that he will be contacting Enviroability for an estimate on work to be undertaken. It was noted that a footpath off Linton Ridge was blocked by a fallen tree and Cllr Watkins undertook to contact the landowners.

13. Insurance – Renewal documents were reviewed and it was RESOLVED to accept the policy presented by Community First and underwritten by Zurich

14. Financial Matters

a. Current Receipts & Payments were noted.
b. Payments – It was RESOLVED to approve the following payments Wayne Reed – Lengthsman £284.00; Community First Trading – Annual insurance renewal £243.08; Elizabeth Malcolm – Clerk’s salary & Expenses £334.83
c. Year end 31/03/18 Audit and Accounts – Cllrs received copies of the documents submitted to Internal Audit with HALC and it was confirmed that accounts had been moved from Income & Expenditure basis to Receipts & Payments with restatement of accounts.

15. Planning

a. applications received:

i. 181093 land adjacent to Oakland, Gorsley Common – Proposed 4 new dwellings. Following discussion it was RESOLVED unanimously to object to the application as follows:
The style of development is out of keeping with the character of Gorsley, – Linear development is typical of the character of the area, this proposal is in estate form and is too dense.

Developing this site will when taking into consideration the 7 houses already approved in the field across the lane will provide a continuous flow of housing and leaves no room for the green space or small fields which identify the character of the village.

Proposed materials do not relate to the style of other homes in the village and they are out of keeping with the character.

The road access is inadequate for the increased number of road users that will result from 4 more homes.

In the light of 7 other homes already approved for development adjacent to this site the infrastructure of roads, sewerage and other facilities is inadequate to meet further development.

The Parish Council believe that if the Planning Department is minded to grant permission for development in this place then the maximum approved should be two moderate homes, allowing existing access routes to be maintained, thereby reducing the damage to hedges. They believe that materials to be used must suit the area, such as Gorsley stone, pale brick or render to be in keeping with other properties in this part of the village.

ii. 181031 Rosedale Chapel Lane Gorsley – demolition of existing portal frame building and erection of a 3 bedroom detached dwelling and associated landscape works. – Following discussion it was RESOLVED by majority (4 in favour, 3 against and 2 abstention) to return no objection to the application.

iii. 181453 Land opposite Laburnum Cottage, Bromsash – Variation of condition 2 on 173066 – It was noted that Cllrs found it very difficult to identify the changes that were being sought for approval and RESOLVED to request the Planning Department to require clarity of application. Following discussion it was RESOLVED by majority (3 in favour, 6 abstaining) to return no objection to the application.

iv. 180797 Brook Farm, Gorsley – Change of use for the storage of construction plant and equipment and agricultural equipment. The construction plant and equipment is to be stored here when not at work on site. It was noted that this is a retrospective application. Following discussion it was RESOLVED by majority (7 against, 1 in favour, 1 abstention) to object to the application as follows
The business carried out is noisy and disruptive to nearby properties and at unsociable hours.
Heavy vehicles are used on a narrow and unsuitable lane.
The access point is on a bend increasing the danger from large vehicles in the narrow road
A stream below the farm is being polluted by oil and other run-off substances from the business above.
The parish Council believes that an impact plan should be required.

b. Applications decided since last meeting:

i. P180852/F Land at Bromsash opposite Hilltop Bromsash – Erection of a stable building. Approved with Conditions – Noted
ii. P180873/O Land at Mill Villa Gorsley – Proposed outline application for erection of a 4 bed dwelling. Refused. – Noted
iii. P180942/FH Cherry Lea Gorsley – Proposed single storey side extension, new porch and rear dormer extension. Approved with Conditions. – Noted
iv. 180979 Laburnum Cottage B4224 to Fording Lane, Bromsash – amendment to design layout Application Withdrawn. – Noted
v. 177840 Darnells Farm, Linton – siting of 4 glamping units and associated works – It was noted that this application has been approved at appeal.

16. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) –

a. Endorsement of Action Plan and Toolkit

i. Draft Privacy Policies – it was RESOLVED unanimously to approve the polices
ii. Appointment of Clerk as Data Protection Compliance Officer – it was RESOVED unanimously to approve this.
iii. Appointment of HALC DPO at £50/annum if necessary – this was not approved and is for review at next meeting.

17. Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Watkins and Cllr Reeves provided an update on progress confirming the grant application had been successful and received and it was unanimously RESOLVED to approve proposals to incur costs by appointing Data Orchard consultants in first stage.

18. Post Office & Shop – the Clerk provided a brief summary and confirmed that confirmation of Post Office financial support was expected shortly.

19. Correspondence – None

20. Public Submissions

a. Members of the public considered moving Public Submissions to the start of the meeting with no determination made. The matter will be under review.
b. The name sign to Ivy House Lane has been removed, but the concrete posts on which it was held remain. Clerk asked to look into the removal of the posts.
c. A sign stating unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles to be considered for Quarry Lane
d. Clerk asked to chase up with Highways Authority regarding signs on motorway roadside advertising storage

21. Chairman & Councillors’ submissions – None

22. Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 21st May at Gorsley Village Hall – Noted

23. Date of next meeting – the Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday 11th June at GORSLEY village hall.

There being no further business the meeting ended at 21:30