LITTER PICK – Sat 7th December with VoLT.

The constant plague of litter continues.
At the Spring clean up on the 6th of April, volunteers collected 12 full black bags of rubbish plus sundry items too large for a bag (see photo 1) . Since then we have a number of “litter haters” who selflessly go out and collect litter for the community. Roger Davies has filled 8 since the litter pick and  we have filled 4 bags (photo 2) with detritus found between Shutton and Jays Green in the last 3 months !  It is worth noting that this is not any rubbish, it is M&S rubbish!  I know that there are other folk who spontaneously collect litter. Please accept all our thanks who pick in the parish !
VoLT are organising another community littler pick for Saturday 7th December meeting at The Alma at 10.00 am.  We are concerned about everyone’s health and safety at the events and so
  • will issue everyone with hi-vis jackets 
  • will provide litter pickers, bags and gloves
  • would ask that all children are accompanied by an adult
  • will ask everyone reads and signs H&S guidance before picking ( we nearly had an accident at the last event)
VoLT is working with Hereford CC to get approved signage installed in litter hot spots around the village, to see if we can dissuade people from dropping litter. However the process is protracted due to wording / sighting of signs etc, having to be approved by the DoT and well as HCC !
There is a feeling that the majority of litter comes from people stopping to eat and drink and who are passing through from the A40 to the M50.  To mis-quote the bard, “a plague on all their houses” !

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