Bromsash, Gorsley & Linton Neighbourhood Development Plan

Dear Parishioners,

We had a tremendous response from the residents questionnaire. Thank you for everyone for taking the time to fill this in and make your views known.

The questionnaire results in the form of a report and key findings can be found HERE and additional comments made by respondents can be found HERE  

The report was presented at the steering group meeting on 24th January by Chris Gooding from Data Orchard, the company that processed the questionnaires for us. There are hard copies of the report available to view at the community shop in Gorsley and at the Alma pub in Linton.

At our steering group meeting on February 28th we met with with our independent planning consultant who will be drafting the plan for us. We discussed the next steps following the feedback from the questionnaire and it was agreed that given the strong preference from residents for settlement boundaries that we should consult with the community over draft settlement boundaries for each of Bromsash, Gorsley and Linton through small drop in events in May.

We also reviewed the steps necessary to complete the plan and agreed to pull this together in a simple one page project plan to give greater clarity to everyone of where we are on the plan and the steps still to be completed. This can be found on the project plan page within the NDP section on this website.

Kind regards,
The NPD Steering Group team.