Lea & Gorsley Goffs primary School Hard Federation

Dear Stakeholders of Lea CE Primary and Gorsley Goffs Primary,

Please find attached the Proposal documentation for the hard federation of our two schools. (Click on the highlighted words for PDF copy).

The governors of both schools continue to provide a happy, healthy and secure learning environment for all of the children.  You may have read about the specific challenges facing small, rural primary schools, including falling numbers, difficulty in recruiting and retaining excellent staff, reduced budgets and decreasing support from the Local Authority.  Whilst we would stress that our Schools are not currently facing any specific threat, there is no doubt that the education landscape is changing rapidly, not just in Herefordshire, but nationally and it is our duty as Governors to be proactive in ensuring that the schools are strengthened to keep pace with future changes.

To that end, over the past year we have been carefully considering the range of options open to us.  We did not want to become part of an Academy Trust because we want our Schools to maintain their own unique identity and characteristics.  After much work by both Governing Bodies plus a focused Working Group, we are very pleased to put forward a proposal that Lea CE School and Gorsley Goffs School make their current partnership formal by joining together as a Hard Federation.

We have studied the strong evidence – both nationally and locally –  with of all the benefits this arrangement can bring to schools and we believe this to be an excellent opportunity to enhance the educational experiences of all the children.

We want you as stakeholders to feel involved with this decision process.  A copy of the Formal Proposal is attached and this marks the start of a seven week consultation period.  As you will read in the Proposal, each school will be equal partners and will keep their own  separate identities.  In fact the children will notice no difference at all in their daily school experience.   In addition to the feedback form in the consultation paper, there will be consultation events when you can ask any questions and we will also keep you informed via the school newsletter throughout the process.

Two Consultation Meetings will be held on the same evening of Monday, 4th March 2019 as follows:-

*             For Lea CE School parents/carers and stakeholders from 6.30 – 7.15pm at Lea School;

*             For Gorsley Goffs School parents/carers and stakeholders from 7.30 – 8.15pm at Gorsley Goffs School;

Thank you for your continued support

Yours sincerely

Mrs Alison Clarke and Father David Howell

Chairs of Governors at Gorsley Goffs and Lea C.E. Primary Schools

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