Drop-in Events

NDP Drop-in Consultations on Settlement Boundaries 11th and 16th May 2019

The  report from this event can be found by clicking HERE




NDP Drop-in Consultations 23rd June & 14th July 2018

Linton Drop-in Event 23rd June 2018
Gorsley Drop-in Event 14th July 2018

Around 150 people attended the two drop-in consultation events at which displays on the following themes were used to prompt members of the community to make comments about what the important issues in the Parish were for them:

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Draft Vision & Objectives

Environment & Heritage


Economy & Employment

Roads & Infrastructure

Community Facilities and Services

The feedback from this event is now being processed to develop a questionnaire which will be sent out in September / October this year. A copy of all the comments made at these events can be found by clicking the link below.

Comments from drop-in events