Potholes to report? Use the App

A new ‘Reporting’ app has been launched by Herefordshire Council to make it quicker and easier to report pothole problems to the council from your smart device.


The first roll out of the app allows users to report potholes, with plans to extend this to other ‘reporting’ services such as fly tipping, public right of way issues and dog poo over the coming months.
To report a pothole – simply follow the instructions on the app and if you like you can take a picture on your smart device (when it is safe to do so) and upload it directly to the app, the app can automatically pinpoint your location if you are reporting from the problem area.

Your picture and report will be sent directly to our highways management team and the local parish council of the area where the pothole is located. You will then be kept informed of the progress of the reported issue. The parish council will also automatically be kept informed, by regular RSS feed, on the progress of all reported potholes.
The app is available directly from our website, there is no need to visit a third party app store, and it always links to the most up to date version so no need to update it or have it taking up valuable space on your device, just open the link and add it to your device’s home screen.
The app will be launched in beta and we are keen to get your views on how the new app is working for you. Simply click on the feedback button in the app.