The Great British Spring Clean” 2nd – 4th March 2018

We’re hoping that as many Parish Councils, schools and community groups as possible will take part again this year as it supports our local Stop the Drop Litter Campaign.
You can register to take part by following this link to the Great British Spring Clean webpage:-

Don’t forget you can borrow litter packs from Balfour Beatty for litter picks and they will collect the bags of litter from you afterwards all FREE of charge.
Contact Balfour Beatty on 01432 261800 to order packs that are available in adult or child sizes.
Each pack contains 5 litter pickers, 5 pairs of gloves, 5 high visibility vests, 2 hoops to hold the bags open and several strong labelled black bags.
Please remember that the packs will be in demand for the Great British Spring Clean so make sure you order them in plenty of time.

If possible please add your litter pick to our Stop the Drop webpage

By following the link to the Organise a litter pick page at
It’ll help to encourage others to organise litter picks and/or take part in litter picks.