Linton Women’s Institute Report to Linton Annual Parish Meeting 2016

Linton WI continues to remain very active with a membership at present of 23, with a serving Committee of 9.

During the past 12 months our programme of activities and speakers has included many interesting subjects, amongst which were:

In April, Dr. Louise Manning came to talk to us about The History of the Mormans, giving us all a much better insight into this religion, then in complete contrast in June Major Mike Atkinson told us all about his life as a Bomb Disposal expert.

In the Autumn we had talks from Nicholas Clark, who gave a most amusing account, with the help of his collection of slides, on his travels in Namibia, and in October Peter Rowland told us of the work undertaken by the Macmillan Cancer Trust.

In November, at the first of our Autumn/Winter time meetings at 2.30 p.m., we heard from Eileen Dilley who talked about her training as a dress designer and she brought along a vast array of clothes and other items that she had skillfully designed and made.

During the Winter months we had a visit from Nigel Warwick from The Severn Freewheelers, a group of motor cyclists who voluntarily deliver blood, human tissue and other essential medical items between NHS facilities in Hereford, Worcester, Gloucester and North Wiltshire, and he gave a very enlightening talk about the jobs they tackle and was able to show us the type of motor bike they use, complete with blue light and siren..Then in February Dr Janet Stevens came to tell us about the work involved in compiling and distributing Talking Newspapers for the Blind.

The year finished with a fascinating talk accompanied by slides from Gill Suttle.

The talk was entitled Celestial Horses and was all about her journey through Turkmenestan, meeting and buying a beautiful horse Atamekan, and then continuing her travels on horseback, until she sadly had to leave the horse to return to England but vowing to return to collect him. This she managed eventually but almost too late as the horse was in a very bad state but she got him home to England, he thrived and sired a number of foals before he died a number of years later.

In the summer, we enjoyed a visit to Kelmscott Manor, the home of William Morris, followed later that day by a visit to Fairford Church to view the renowned stained glass windows, and were treated to an unexpected rehearsal for the Fairford Airshow due to start the next day, enjoying excellent views of the Red Arrows.

We have also met together for a dinner at the Red Hart at Peterstow and plan to enjoy a Spring supper, at the Alma later this month, supporting a local business.

Commencing in March, one of our members, helped by her sister, ran four craft sessions’ to include crochet and felt-making as a ‘taster’ for members who were interested in learning new craft skills. These have been well received and may possibly extend to further sessions in the future.

Finally, our Sunday Lunch last August was very successful once again. This year’s Sunday Lunch will take place in Linton Village Hall on Sunday, 9th August at 12.30pm and we invite you to book a place as early as possible.

Janet Griffiths
Secretary, Linton WI