Footpaths Report

Report for Annual parish Meeting April 25th 2016

The footpaths officer sends his apologies for non attendance.


All the footpaths remain open, except LTR 38C, which still has a temporary closure whilst building work is carried out at Eastcliff on Linton Ridge. It is anticipated that the closure will remain in effect until summer 2016.

Vegetation has been removed from many stiles and hedges bordering footpaths throughout the year.

The major job, which has been waiting for a number of years, has been the renovation of 38B. It has been in a difficult state for some time, being on a steep slope and the sides of the path had collapsed. Access with equipment was not possible. Eventually HCC came and did most of the work, leaving LPC to put on the top surface. It is now a pleasure to walk along.

Broken steps have been replaced on LTR35 near the pound, and further work is necessary lower down that path. Also steps have been repaired on LTR35, near the top of Pinford Lane.

The fingerpost on the east end of LTR37 was stolen, as was a replacement. A third one will need seriously concreting into the ground.

It is very pleasing to note that the residents adjacent to LTR 36 by the bungalows in Bromsash have worked very hard and now keep that path in wonderful condition. The broken stile at the far end has been replaced with a ‘lean-to’gate installed by the farmer. This will be secure unless there are stock in the field – which does not seem to happen.

On 18th April I attended a meeting with Herefordshire Access Froum – Unrecorded Rights of Way.

This kick-started an exciting new project to record the rights of way missing from the Definitive Map (The Council’srecord of Public Rights of Way), and its other highway records. These can be footpaths, bridleways, byways (green lanes), various unadopted roads and other tracks. The project needs completing before 2026 after which it will no longer be possible to add to the Definitive Map. So we need to act. During the summer I will be considering best how to proceed with this project. I hope, later in the year, to ask people who live in the parish to contribute ideas and reminiscences; and help do research for evidence which will be needed to enable HCC to apply to bring these old byways on to the record.

Once again, grateful thanks are again due to the many people who maintain the footpaths adjacent to their property. This is an enormous help to the Footpaths Officer and greatly appreciated by those who use the footpaths. Thanks also to folks who report problems with footpaths. Their observations are always treated seriously and responded to as soon as possible. If anyone wishes to report a problem, please contact Richard Baker 01989 720 147, or the Parish Clerk, and the problem will be investigated promptly.